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Jun 12, 2012 12:12 PM

Visiting Tulane - Any Suggestions for Dessert?

Hi. I am going to Tulane with my daughter for college visit. Can anyone recommend a good place to get a sweet snack while there?

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  1. Plum Street Snoballs, La Divinia Gelateria. Sucre's pretty popular, but I don't think their desserts taste as good as they look (they are very beautiful.)

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    1. re: noradeirdre

      La Divina actually has a store on the LSU Campus. Fantastic Gellattos, environmentally friendly, locally sourced ingedients, all that jazz. The best part is the taste.

      La Divina Gelateria
      300 LaSalle Place
      New Orleans, LA 70118
      (504) 258-2115

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        I forgot they had a campus outpost! I live near their Magazine Street location and LOVE THEM.

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          That's the Loyola University campus (not LSU) just for clarity for the original poster.

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          I would suggest Hansen's above Plum Street and I was raised on Plum street snoballs and they hold many a memory of my mother driving us there from Metry a few times a week.

        3. Agree with Hansen's over Plum Street, but not walking distance from campus, if that's a concern. I recommend Crepes a la Cart.
          Sweet crepes are amazing and it is crawling distance from Tulane at Broadway and Zimple. (BTW, my daughter goes to Tulane and is happy there, and I get to visit frequently for eating trip!)

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            I was just getting ready to post about Crepes a la Cart.....also within (cooler weather) walking distance is Maple Street Patisserie (European baked goods). You can also hit up the Pinkberry on Magazine St at St. Joseph, across the street from Whole Foods....or just pop inside Whole Foods for a locally produced Meltdown popsicle from the freezer case (salted caramel is my fave).

            Or slip on over to Riverbend (where Carrollton meets St. Charles) @ Jazmine Cafe for a cafe sua da (vietnamese iced coffee made w/condensed milk), or try Creole Creamery on Prytania near Robert St for an ice-cream parlor setting.

            Yet another option are the thick-thick shakes at TruBurger on Oak St, just off of Carollton.

          2. Your title says "dessert", so not sure if you are only looking for after dinner. But, if you're going earlier in the day (until 5pm), try La Boulangerie on Magazine Street. Delicious French pastries and all sorts of little treats to tempt you:
            4600 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA
            It's a big, bright yellow building, can't miss it.

            1. I would definitely recommend "The Sweet Palate" on St. Louis Street. Place has a wonderful selection of chocolates from the "KING Pastry Chef" Oriol Balaguer, Dandoy Biscuits (my personal fav ;)) and wonderful Gelato that is all natural. A MUST GO!!!