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Jun 12, 2012 11:58 AM

Best place to buy a wok in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill?

I've been looking for a decent carbon steel wok and the Wok Shop in SF is out of their hand-hammered model right now. I'd like to get a chance to handle anything else before I buy. Are there any Asian markets in the Triangle that sell a decent one? My first stop was Li Ming's in Durham but theirs were mostly mass-produced/stainless models. I have a few more places left to try but if anyone has a favorite, sing out! The help would be appreciated. :)

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  1. when i was at the grace young (stir frying to the sky's edge) dinner at lantern, andrea reusing sung out the praises of silver wok, which is located near the eastgate shopping center. we have not been there, but you may want to stop by.

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      I like the Silver Wok a lot for ingredients. Had never noticed the woks there, but it seems like it would be a good place to start.

    2. Best selection of woks available in the Triangle is at Grand Asia Market, but you'll have to trek to Cary.

      1. So now I'm looking for a wok. What I want to know price variance. I'm on a budget and so I'd like to know what Silver Wok's prices are compared to picking up a Joyce Chen at Kitchen Works.

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          I've tried to find a link to the post I made when I was looking for a wok, but can't seem to find it. I ended up using a much recommended place in San Francisco, called and got lots of very good advice and have been very happy with my wok. I got tons of gadgets to go with it, and the whole thing was something like $75 including shipping. I think the wok and cover were pretty cheap - maybe around $25? I assume you're working with a gas stove?

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            No I've only got electric. It is called the Wok Shop. I was given notice of it by Grace Young (stirfy guru). Figured I'd see whats close by first. Only thing I was advised of is to get Carbon Steel, flat bottom and at least 14 inch.

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              Sound like pretty much exactly what I ended up with. I love mine.

        2. In case anyone is ever in Charlotte, you have to check out the Asian restaurant supply store (don't remember the name) at 4520 North Tryon St. It's a run down old mall where several Asian, particularly Vietnamese, grocery stores and restaurants are. They have all kinds of kitchen and restaurant supplies including a wide selection of woks in various sizes and materials. Should also try a bahn mi from Le's inside the mall.