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Jun 12, 2012 11:30 AM

Cinnamon ice cream elusive

Years ago it wasn't all that difficult to find unadorned cinnamon ice cream all year round. Then it became a seasonal offering. Nowadays even the seasonal offering is restricted to a very small number of producers. Blue Bunny is one of them, although, as one can see from the following UClue thread that I started some time ago, even their cinnamon wasn''t available in my Jacksonville, FL metro area last fall:

Has anyone found a cinnamon ice cream in recent years, and I am not talking about the cinnamon bun or cinnamon swirl variants that do appear now and then, but just a straight cinnamon? I realize there are mom and pop shoppes that make their own version, some even shipping it for exhorbitant overnight fees, but I mean to restrict my search to regional and national commercial packagers.

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  1. In all honesty, I have never encountered cinnamon ice cream anywhere. I'd like to, though, because it sounds delish.

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    1. re: Perilagu Khan

      PK, the summer camp I went to as a child served hot apple fritters with cinnamon ice cream for dessert once a week. It was perfection, as I'm sure you can imagine.

      1. re: LauraGrace

        and once a week after the weekend late closing at the pizza restaurant I worked at, I would go with my fellow servers to the Country Kitchen across the road for a 1 am apple dumpling with cinnamon ice cream. Awesome.

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          I can well imagine, but would prefer to experience, as I'm sure you can well imagine.

      2. I have never seen straight commercial cinnamon but only the cinnamon swirl etc you describe. Our local joint has cinnamon Oreo I've cream but I don't like cinnamon in my ice cream in general.

        1. If you're ever in Michigan, Ray's Ice Cream makes an excellent straight cinnamon. Their stuff is only available in the Detroit area, and I don't believe they ship.

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          1. re: gooddog

            I wonder how similar that is to the old Bill Knapp's cinnamon ice cream.

          2. Try local gelato places. I have found two (not two of the same chain) near me that make downright delicious cinnamon gelato.

            ETA: What about Bruster's? Do you have any of those? One of their flavors is straight cinnamon. I have never tried it, though (or any of their ice cream).

            I also found these two, via some Googling:
   Their Bananas Foster comes with cinnamon ice cream. You could go in and ask where they get it, or if it's theirs, whether they'd sell you some.

   Apparently this place (sometimes) has homemade cinnamon ice cream.

            I know you said you seek commercial versions, but if you don't have to get it shipped, why not try the little places? :)

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            1. re: Rilke

              There aren't any such "little places" that I am aware of here in St. Augustine, FL, a city of 13,500. Also, even if I were able to find one, it's not the kind of source that I seek. I want to be able to put a pint of the stuff in my cart at the supermarket!

              1. re: nautico

                Well, your call. I have purchased house-made ice cream from restaurants before. It makes me happy.

            2. Schwan's used to have cinnamon ice cream available around the holidays- it was a seasonal flavor. I don't think they carried it last year though- not sure why. Who knows, maybe they will bring it back this year.