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Jun 12, 2012 11:26 AM


I will be at the Horshoe Bay Resort tomorrow through Fri. Recommendations for a local restaurant where I might entertain several clients please. Many thanks,

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  1. Howdy! How nice of a place are you looking for? If you want some of the best Texas BBQ around, hit up Opie's in nearby Spicewood -- casual but delicious. For a view, River City Grille is nice because it's right on the lake. It's a little further off, but the Overlook Restaurant at Canyon of the Eagles Resort is fancy and supposed to be great. R Bar in downtown Marble Falls has lots of options, plus cocktails and a nice patio.

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      I second the River City Grille, we had a great meal there (best at the table was probably the smoked prime rib). I also *highly* recommend hitting a local liquor store for wine or liquor if you drink - the staff @ the Horseshoe will be very accommodating in letting you drink outside in the pool or patio area, despite the "no outside liquor" signs in the lobby. The only issue you might run across is them asking you not to have glass at the pool area. But trust, even the wealthiest among us might blanch a bit at the bar prices.