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Jun 12, 2012 11:02 AM

Going to Ogunquit, ME over the fourth of july. Local recommendations?

I'm from San Francisco and would love to find regional specialties, the best lobster and lobster roll, etc. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. There are a whole lot of recommendations for Ogunquit on this board. Pretty up to date, too. In the upper right corner of the website there's a search box, just type in "ogunquit" and you'll get a really good list.

    I recommend staying away from Ogunquit Lobster Pound if you don't like a large noisy space and so-so sides and entrees that aren't all that good and lobster that's a bit over priced. :)

    Also, Maine Diner is, IMO, overrated for what you get, but there are people who will SWEAR that it's the best lobster mac and cheese in the world (I haven't tried it, I can't stand the lines there). It's not bad food, it's just not worth the lines to me.

    1. Beach Plum Lobster, Fox's Lobster, Maine Diner and York's Best (on route 1 coming into Ogunquit)

      1. Would recomend Jackie's Too located in Perkins Cove ,for lunch some day. Sits right on the oceans coast line. Great view and decent food and drinks. Also check out Related Discussions post ,there are many good recomendations given there.. Good luck.. There may be fire works on the beach then not sure.. Check with the Ogunquit chamber of Commerce web site..