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Jun 12, 2012 10:46 AM

Tulip In Stoneham - New Asian Restaurant

We recently ate at Tulip in Stoneham, and will be going back. It is located in the Redstone shopping center and has sushi, a hibachi (Benihana type) room, and Chinese and Asian cuisine. Here is their web site:

Our sushi was very fresh and our entree was well prepared. The veggie spring rolls were so-so. We are very picky about the quality of our food, so it takes a lot for us to want to try a place a second time. We are hopeful that the rest of the menu pans out for us in the future.

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  1. Thanks for the report. What types of entrees and sushi did you try?

    Dave MP

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      Hi Dave,
      We split the Blessed Family Happiness (shrimp, scallops and chicken with vegetables), which was very fresh and well prepared. The sauce was light and tasty and not goopy-goppy, like some Asian restaurants make. The rice was good with every grain separating and not starchy. We tried a Maguro (tuna) that was very fresh and plan on trying more Sushi as well as other entrees. I also telephoned and asked them to call the owners and try to get them on their list for discounts.

    2. Has anyone tried the lunch buffet at Tulip? If so, how was the food and how much is the lunch buffet?

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        I tried it the other day. It's $12 and has a good variety of different choices. There was a Benihana type guy fooling around with knives on one side with different ingredients, so it looks like they may also do a custom stir fry for you as well (I didn't try it). I enjoyed it and was able to try out a few apps. and entrees that were on our "try" list for our return after our first experience. Fresh ingredients.

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          I tried it today and the price on weekdays is $10.50. Four humongous steam tables in the back filled with everything from baked salmon to onion rings. They have sushi, well they have mostly vegetarian maki, one had a sliver of tuna in it. Asparagus maki had perfectly cooked asparagus in it. Shrimp dishes was mostly good, a pepper chicken dish was nice and the BBQ roasted pork was really nice. At the Teppanyaki table in the back they cook chicken, beef, shrimp and veggies to order. Ordered my beef rare and it was. As long as you don't have to high expectations, it was OK. I could go back for the roasted pork and shrimp and be happy.


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            I've also tried the buffet and was impressed by the wide variety. I saw the guy in the back doing stir fry but didn't try any. There's also buffet ice-cream near the desserts which was pretty nice. I don't normally do Asian/Chinese buffet because of the quality but I would consider coming back.

            I also tried the Hibachi one late afternoon and thought it was great. Decent proportions, the chef was very friendly and funny, food tasted great. Drinks are strong!

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              i'm confused- Hibachi is a restnt w/ a lunch buffet?or is it part of Tulip? thx.

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                Tulips has 3 things going on at once: they have Hibachi, normal dining (lunch and dinner) and buffet (where you eat in the normal dining area).

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              I went yesterday with a couple of friends and everything was good. Typical buffet, but everything was fresh and tasty. Loved the buttered shrimp, pad thai type noodle dish, meat dumplings, curry chicken, crab rangoon. Didn't try Hibachi, but will next time. The dessert table had little cakes, one chocolate, macaroons and large tubs of ice cream. I was stuffed, but did try the chocholate and it was excellent.
              Will be going back, price was 10.50 per person.


            3. Went back for lunch today and this place is pretty busy. No baked salmon today and the BBQ Pork that was excellent last time was very dry today. Some things was OK, chicken wings and shrimp dumplings was two but apart from that it was very mediocre. I had high hope for the clams in Black Bean sauce but the sauce was way to sweet. The clams was cooked perfectly. Didn't even try the Teppanyaki table since the shrimp and the meat looked like it had been out for a while and I was there just before noon. Service was good. I think Mandarin in Reading is way better value.


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                ferr, does Mandarin do a lunch buffet? any advice about it? thx.

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  They do. Get there early to snag the few pieces of Nigiri that comes out on the sushi boats. Stay away from the H/S soup!

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                    Well one of the things that I love about Tulip is the non-asian dishes too. They have huge trays of baked salmon, butter shrimp, butter clams and another stuffed clam dish. Does Mandarin have any of these types of dishes?