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Jun 12, 2012 10:24 AM

Good Sushi for Lunch in SF?

Anyone have suggestions for good sushi open at lunch during the week?

I've read the major threads on sushi in SF and all the recommendations seem to be dinner only. We're not from NYC or anywhere with decent sushi really, so it just needs to be above the national average to impress. :) Doesn't need to have fancy rolls, just good rice and fresh fish. Looking for good nigiri or chirashi don, and good uni would be a plus.


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  1. Eiji is open for lunch Tues - Sun. I've never had sushi outside of NY, L.A., SF, or Japan, but I think it's great for a neighborhood sushi place. Get the strawberry mochi for dessert if you go.

      1. i like hecho a lot. Downtown (in the galleria park hotel). Was OK when they opened but really stepped it up when they brought in the sushi chef who used to own Kabuto.

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          I tried Hecho in the opening days. After hearing about the shift, I've been interested in returning. Could you please share more details?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I've only been once since the shift, for lunch. I got one of the lunch specials and the quality of fish was great. It also came with a nicely dressed side salad.

            My S.O. has been back several times for both lunch and dinner and has had a great experience.

            I wish I had more details but the difference between my first dinner right when they opened and my lunch a couple months ago was, well, like night and day (and not because it was night and day :).
            The first time it seemed like a skewer place trying to get some sushi out; the 2nd time seemed like a great sushi place that also had other options.

              1. re: jlfoodie

                I don't remember but I think the different sushi combinations are under $20. Apparently I need to go back and do some more research :)

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Sachio, from Kabuto, is no longer at Hecho.

              1. re: srr

                Arrrgh! I never made it to Kabuto under Sachio Kojima's ownership and meant to return to Hecho to enjoy his work. Do you know how long he's been gone?

                Anyone have any word on his plans?

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            1. chef Ogawa at Wayo Sushi is great, and they are open for lunch.

              Wayo Sushi
              1407 Van Ness Ave
              San Francisco, CA 94109