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Jun 12, 2012 10:15 AM

baked goods and ice cream of Santa Fe

Hi, we just moved to the Santa Fe area and are wondering where we should go for cupcakes, other baked goods, ice cream/frozen yogurt, and donuts? We tried two flavors at dream cakes and really liked one but was disappointed with the others. We would love to try others.


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  1. Welcome!

    Baked goods, American-style - Dulce in South Capital on Cordova. Nothing fancy, but effectively everything on the menu is a canonical rendition. The cinnamon rolls (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday only) are my favorite, deliciously big, light, and airy, with a perfect simple frosting. The cupcakes, scones, muffins, and quiches are all very good as well.

    Baked goods, French-style - Cafe 25. It's weirdly located in the outlet mall off Cerrillos by the highway but it's strikingly delicious. My favorite is just their "classic French breakfast", a half a baguette with butter and jam, but all the puff pastries are terrific, and savory kitchen fare is excellent as well. Honorable mention to Clafoutis downtown. The Swiss Bakery and Cafe has a number of fans, I don't hate it but it's not my favorite.

    Donuts - Whoo's. It's an organic locavore donut shop(pe), even the flour is from up the street in Taos. Fun flavor combinations, my favorite is the orange and cardamom cream-filled with apricot glaze, but they also have random stuff like a maple brown butter bar topped with bacon. Coffee is only OK. The texture of the donuts isn't quite crispy outside/soft inside enough for me, but it sure gets close.

    Ice Cream - this space intentionally left blank. The Station coffeehouse sells Taos Cow (lavender ain't too bad) and Flying Star is ok, but there's no one place that really hits it out of the park.

    Frozen Yogurt - Yoberri is the best Pinkberry knockoff in town, locations both downtown and in the strip mall with the big movie theater. Frogurt on Rodeo is decent self-serve and has fun toppings, nothing special but far from abhorrent.

    1. What finlero said. I would add Counter Culture for blueberry muffins and sour cream coffee cake. People like the cinnamon rolls there - and they're very gooey, if you're into that. The Teahouse on Canyon Road used to make a good scone, but I guess they've switched over to gluten-free now (same ownership as Revolution Bakery, which is entirely gluten free), and I haven't been back, so I can't personally vouch for it. I did have a decent gluten-free savory muffin at Revolution last week, in spite of my lousy attitude about g-f. But this had a whole egg baked into into and was then filled with green chile and bacon, covered with cheese and baked, so... I was happy. Forget ice cream here- what matters is that you can get Van Rixel Bros in the freezer sections of Whole Foods and the Coop, and that's all you need to know. You can pop into Pasqual's for homemade cookies to go and the canel├ęs are good- they're all good, actually. Tune-Up has some nice stuff, and it's always homemade. Their coconut cream pie is good and they do a peanut butter and nutella sandwich cookie that's got a cult following here. A lot of people love the desserts at Harry's but I suspect the water in Eldorado has something in it. Ditto The Chocolate Maven- blegh. I will never understand the success of that place. Tons of fresh paletas at the little paleteria behind Carl's Jr. on St. Mike's. Most importantly and also sort of O-T, the tortillas at Alicia's, both flour and corn, are amazing. They're the best thing happening to flour in the whole 505. Also, check out the farmers' market, specifically on Saturday mornings. There are a couple of vendors there doing fine pastries and none with retail outlets in town. Uh, and the raspberry pie at Steaksmith is eerily good year-round. Try not to think too hard about it. Just go and have a slice sometime. But don't order anything else there. Plaza Southside has cakes and cupcakes and an apple pie with green chile- a lot of people love the desserts there. I'm not really into old school red velvety American diner desserts but... they're pretty.