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Jun 12, 2012 09:24 AM

Brasserie 73 Skippack

Has anyone eaten at Brasserie 73 lately? I understand that it changed ownership and is no longer a traditional French restaurant. I looked at their menu online and believe that it may not have been updated to reflect changes in new ownership.

Any opinions on the food would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. THere is a yelp review in May 2012 that talks about the lobster bisque and duck a l'orange which are on the online menu........... Not sure when change of ownership took place... Have not been there in years, so I should not comment on current quality of food.

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      The Road House is next to/connected to Brasserie 73. which is where I recently had a conversation regarding the Brasserie.BTW, the Road House has a very busy and loud elder bar and a much better than average burger with fries that is priced under $11 and 1/2 price till 6:30. I inquired of an employee "what is the deal, no one ever seems to be at B73"! Their response was, many private parties and good weekend business. No mention of the owners but the same manager that makes rounds of many Skippack places has been seen frequently at B73. Food reviews have been mixed at best. The interior of B73 is really European Country Classic. My definition but you get the idea. Sort of refined Hunt Lodge. Don't get there often but if I hear more I will pass it along.

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        Bacchus - what is an elder bar? One whose patrons are seniors?

        1. re: truffles2

          Based on only a few visits specifically for their burger, for which I happily pay the non early bird price, I would say yes, not a very mixed crowd, overwhelmingly seniors. Just noting, "not that there is anything wrong with that". Pleasant , friendly, place with reasonably priced food, a varied limited menu and options for bar, table or al fresco dining all with good service.