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Jun 12, 2012 08:14 AM

Good candy store in Raleigh?

Not looking for a nice chocolate shop. Interested in a place with a wide variety of candies that you can pick and choose your assortment. (Info requested by my 12 yo niece.)


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  1. The best that I have seen is the one by the food court at Crabtree Mall

    1. The Lollipop Shop at North Hills fits the bill. It's near the gym. If you are headed straight towards the Renaissance Hotel, it's on your left. It's a lot of fun. NOFO at Five Points also has some fun candy, altbeit not as much as the Lollipop Shop.

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        I'll second the place in North Hills.

      2. Thanks to you both!

        We left before we saw the replies.

        Last year, as an 11 year old, she wasn't as taken with NOFO as I had hoped. She browsed goodnaturedly, but wasn't tempted.

        A quick google turned up the Lollipop Shop which was in the right direction. It fit the bill. They must have had a crazy weekend because they were completely out of about 1/5th of the selections. She was a little disappointed, but found enough of an assortment to keep her and her dad happy!

        I'll check out the one at the mall before she visits again next year!

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          Fresh Market in Cameron Village has an AMAZING candy selection! --including lots of fun retro candy and salt water taffy by the pound!

        2. If you want "the real thing" consider the trip to Chapel Hill for Southern Seasons. Their candy selection is probably 20x the size of any other candy store. It's also a good chance to check out some restaurants out there.

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            The selection at Southern Season is still good, but it has been scaled back with the change in ownership. I was at Southern Season last weekend, and most of their items are things I've seen at World Market as well. The bulk candy is nicely displayed, but very expensive, and not anything you wouldn't find at the stores in Raleigh recommended above.

            1. re: mpjmph

              Yeah, the Jelly Bellys are something like $8/lb and the retro candies are nearly as bad. Most anything else can be found at Target for a whole lot less. As a matter of fact, I was at 5 Below today and they've got a pretty good selection of candies, some of them very retro (Black Cow and Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, anyone?) and Haribo pegboard gummies for very reasonable prices. Not the kind of atmosphere you'd want to show off for a visitor but great to satisfy a craving for Goldenberg's Peanut Chews or Pop Rocks.

          2. Not sure if this fits your 12 yo niece, but as an adult, my favorite in Raleigh is ESCAZU. The bars and assorted chocolates are both very elegant and delicious.

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              I love Escazu, but a bit sophisticated for her taste. Perhaps in a few years!

                1. re: chazzer

                  Chowhound = chowpup!

                  My sister is a food for fuel person and picky to boot. Her daughter has more interest in food, but very limited exposure to much beyond what she finds at home.

                  Each visit she tries a few new things. I'm glad she is a good sport about trying my "weird" food. Baby steps...

                  1. re: meatn3

                    While not hitting the candy thing their Ice Cream push pops and Hot Chocolates work with the more main stream eaters. And maybe you can sneak in a chocolate.

                    1. re: chazzer

                      I wasn't aware of the ice cream push pops! Thanks.

                      I had a "big" birthday a few years ago and threw a small dinner party. Party favors were boxes of assorted chocolates from Escazu. My sister took one look at hers and returned it to me since it didn't look remotely like Hersey's miniatures! I found the box I sent to my Mother a year later gathering dust in the pantry since it wasn't milk chocolate...

                      We will see what next years 13 yo is willing to try on the 2013 visit!