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Jun 12, 2012 08:06 AM

Virginia Tech - Blacksburg

Coming down for a baseball tournament...will be in the Virginia Tech area for a couple of nights...I'm looking for recommendations for an upscale restaurant.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Blacksburg is a true college town....not upscale. In Blacksburg you best bets are Poor Billys, Gillie's and Bull & Bones. None of them close to upscale.

    If you want to drive about 20 minutes or so to Eggleston, is very good, but again, not upscale.

    1. There is some good food to be had in Blacksburg, but most of it is not what many on Chowhound would call upscale. Here are some offerings:

      Zeppoli's in Blacksburg for reasonable Italian, Blackstone Grill in Christiansburg for steakhouse type food. If you have the time to wander to Roanoke, Table 50 or Frankie Rowland's might fit the bill. Local Roots Cafe in Roanoke was also good the last time I was there.

      I am personally not a fan of Bull and Bones for anything other than bar food and beer. If you want some other good food (but not upscale) options around Blacksburg, try The Cellar, Mike's Grill, Gillie's (go for breakfast!!!), Macado's (sandwiches). There are lots of little hole in the wall places around Main St. right at the edge of campus. Boudreaux's usually has the roof open this time of year and makes for a nice evening drink atmosphere.

      Ahh...I miss Blacksburg!

      Here are some more ideas:

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      1. re: ForFoodsSake

        The last two meals we had at Zeppoli's were a disappointment from previous years (we're Hokie football season ticket holders).

        There's an Italian place Sal's that is good but it's the typical pizza, red sauce, etc. not the wonderful handmade pastas, etc. Zeppoli's did so wonderful back in their prime.

        The one "must avoid" is Awful Arthurs......dear lord they have some horrible, horrible food.

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          Well that's sad - Zeppoli's was a staple when I was there for school (especially since they'd sell fresh pasta, ravioli, etc. by the pound)!

          Awful Arthurs is bad. I really don't like Boudreaux's food, but enjoy the drinks and some of the desserts.

          1. re: ForFoodsSake

            I've had really solid meals at Boudreaux's and some horrible ones. But they have great mojitos and beer :-)

            We used to stay at the Holiday Inn and could walk to Zeppoli's and loved it (loved you could get wine from their adjacent shop and take it in with you at no additional cost) and always had fabulous specials.

            I'm not sure where it all went wrong. We try it at least once a season to see if they can recapture the magic.