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Jun 12, 2012 07:50 AM

Amarone by the glass?

I'm looking for some good places to find wine by the glass, and they must have amazon since my girl is all about the amarone. I can't blame her.

Not a fan of high end places where I need to wear a suit. So Crush is out.

I see Enoteca Sociale does, sometimes

Any recommends? It's a hard search!

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  1. Anywhere with an Enomatic would be likely. So yep, ES would be a good bet and I would also suggest maybe calling Buca to see what's "on tap." I'm sure there are other restos with the Enomatic, but I'm blanking on where else right now.

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    1. re: jlunar

      You'll have to check ES' twitter feed, but I believe they're doing 1/2-price Enomatic wines again (which usually includes Amarone)! Mondays and Tuesdays for a limited time. Have been buried in work so haven't been paying attention to much right now..

    2. Bar Salumi is very casual and they have an enomatic wine system....

      1. E11even Wine Bar should have something - give them a call.

        1. Scaramouche has Barolo by the glass. Other great wines too.
          They even offer half-glasses (3oz).

          Yes, it's a "high end" place, but I've seen lots of casually-dressed folks...

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          1. re: bellywizard

            Mercatto has an Enomatic and they occasionally have some v good bottles "on tap".

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              I was just going to say Mercatto - I have had amarone by the glass there in the past. They have some nice wines.

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                Bar Mercurio (Bloor and St. George) has amarone by the glass and by the half glass. I recently had a half glass for $20.

          2. Ciao offers one Amarone by the glass, and charges $21 per glass.

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            1. re: prima

              Thanks for everyones suggestions and tips, that really helps narrow things down.
              Keep the suggestions coming, those evening dinners AND driving put the onus of low quantity and high quality.
              Gracias amigos

              1. re: Shijuro

                I discovered Amarone by the glass at Bar Italia for $15. It wasn't bad, I'll need to see which one they serve, seems ridiculously cheap, but its was more aromatic and supple then the Ripasso they had, so I was pretty happy! Grazie!

              2. re: prima

                The price of wine is insane in restaurants. A respectable Amerone is $35-40 at the LCBO., $21 + tax and tip is $26-7 and you probably get 5 ounces. That's crazy. I doesn't make much sense to get decent wines in restaurants in Toronto.

                1. re: evansl

                  Yes, I agree. The previous manager at George, Jim Bienenstock had a good idea, he priced all the expensive wines at reasonable prices, so people would buy them more often. It just seems bizarre to do it any other way except for resto's that cater to those who want to be seen and to impress. Bar Italia was $15 for the Amarone, maybe they are following suit? I like that Enoteca is selling the 'good' wines cheap on sun, mon and tues. If they kept that going...