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Jun 12, 2012 07:43 AM

Looking for White Mountains restaurant recommendations

Now that it's summer, I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the Whites. I'm looking for suggestions of places to eat post-hike. All cuisines and price points are welcome- just looking for something tasty.


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  1. Moat Brewery just outside the village of North Conway has great food to suite just about everyone. Shalimar of India has tasty Indian food with spectacular views of the mountains from their outdoor eating deck. Located along 16 in North Conway. My favorite establishment in the entire state of NH is Gypsy's Cafe in Lincoln NH. I have had better seafood there than along he coast. For dinner at Gypsy's, I would suggest a resevation.

    1. Drewinmrblhd is right--the Gypsy Cafe is the best restaurant in the area. We celebrate successful hikes there. Good for dates, friends, and families. Food is fantastic and the owner/hostess is great. Love the Key Lime pie. If you can't get in there, and you don't mind a plain meal, Gordy's has worked for us. If you can't get into Gypsy and you want a fancier spread, try the Woodstock Inn. The Woodstock Inn does have a top-notch burger, along with what you'd expect.

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        Thanks to you both.

        Anyone have any other recommendations along 93 that don't require reservations?

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          The Dipsy Doodle is near exit 19 northbound I93 in Northfield NH. To get there southbound, you would have to take exit 20 (Tilton Outlets). Tiny yellow light drive-in but great fried onion rings and lobster rolls. Varied menu but we always get the same thing. If you can't find a parking spot, you'll have to park at the nearby ball field. Do not park in the police parking lot across the street.

          Not quite as convenient to I93 but great Thai food at Asian Delight on Main St in Franklin NH. Southbound, take exit 20 then south on Rt 3. After dining, continue south on Rt 3 and you can get back on I93 at exit 17.

          The Smoke Shack is near exit 17 in Boscawen but we're not crazy about their barbecue. Great cole slaw, great mac and cheese, very good baked beans. Very casual.

          If you just want a snack such as ice cream ... Richardson's (not related to the Richardsons in Middleton MA) ice cream is on Water St in Boscawen. Right now, the ice cream is made at their family place in Dracut MA but they are in process of adding their own ice cream making facility to their farmstand in Boscawen. Sue also makes pies and frequently has Table Talk size pies for sale as well as regular size. Probably the best apple pie I've ever had. I would get strawberry rhubarb all the time but my husband doesn't care for rhubarb. Blueberry is also a favorite. I think they are about 10 minutes from exit 17.

          You can get dim sum in Concord NH at Sunshine Oriental on Loudon Rd (exit 14). It's small, in a strip plaza, nothing fancy. Good food. Very friendly. closed Mondays.

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            Gypsy doesn't *require* reservations although reservations are certainly helpful. Enjoyed the lamb chops very much and DC really liked the pasta w/ monkfish. Wings w/ red curry also very good. Not your usual pub fare. Drinks a bit watery but that's a minor quibble.

        2. If you're on the quiet side of the mountains, I really like the Wayside Inn's restaurant in Bethlehem NH for dinner (exit 40 off of 93, follow rte 302) or Topic of the Town in downtown Littleton; the former is Swiss, the latter is excellent homey food.

          1. When in Lincoln, NH, I always dine at Gordi’s. A prime rib and bake potato is just what I need after a day in the woods. Nothing special, but rustic and homey.


            1. If the Sunny Day Diner is still in Lincoln/North Woodstock area, check it out.