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Jun 12, 2012 07:41 AM

Driving South from JFK - arriving late

We are arriving at 9pm at JFK and driving South. Is there any place to stop and eat that would be open late. If not any ideas for stopping in the city that wont take us to far out.


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  1. jfk is right off of rockaway turnpike which would take you directly to central avenue and tons of places in the five towns, give more of a clue of what youre looking for and many people will be happy to jump in with suggestions

    1. If there's no traffic on the Van Wyck, JFK is about a 15 minute drive from KGH and all the places along Main Street. We have 3 or 4 pizza places, Chinese, Asian fusion, Mexican-ish fast food, a couple of shwarma/falalel/grill places, and probably one or two more I'm forgetting. You won't have a problem beyond deciding what to get.

      1. It looks like two good options in Kew Gardens Hills and Lawrence(???). We will likely be there by 11pm. Probably looking for pizza. It looks like its easier to get back to the NJT from Lawrence?

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          i would say depending on how far south youre heading in nj, its a toss up, you can easily get to the turnpike from either main street or lawrence, depending on where on the turnpike youre headed

          on main street at 11- i think its just one pizza place and shwarma, i feel like on central avenue there might be more options, but just a higher multiple of the same same options

          where in nj are you heading

          when you say njt- do you mean transit or turnpike

        2. I was puzzled by this, since south of JFK is only Far Rockaway and the ocean. But now I see that you really mean you're heading west, and then turning south when you hit the NJ Tpk. In that case you'll be passing through Brooklyn, which means both KGH and 5T are out of your way. Better to turn off the Belt and stop at one of the many late-night places in Brooklyn.

          Actually, the *very* easiest place for you to get to is right in the airport: Cibo Express in the food court at Terminal 5, which has *many* kosher sandwiches, salads, etc. available, both meat and dairy, with a Star-K hechsher. The down side is that it's at airport prices. No more expensive than the treif, but no less expensive either. But it is convenient; land, collect your luggage, eat, and then pick up your car. Or, if you're landing in Terminal 5 (Jet Blue), eat *before* picking up your luggage, which saves all that time waiting around the carousel. There's also free wifi so you can check your email while you're eating.

          Assuming that's not what you want, by far the easiest place for you to get to would be Pizza Cardo which is about 2 minutes off the Belt. Unfortunately they close at 10, which makes it a bit tight if your flight lands at 9. If the plane is on time and the luggage comes out quickly and the queue at the car rental is short then you'll make it. Otherwise, one option could be to call them for a pickup and eat in the car.

          OK, assume you don't want to eat in the airport, and you can't make it to Pizza Cardo by 10. Your next best option is to get off the belt at Shore Pkwy and drive 5 minutes up Ocean Pkwy to Kings Hwy where you will find tons of places that are open till 11, and quite a few that are open till midnight or later.

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            Thanks thats exactly what we need.

            1. re: zsero

              if hes heading to southern jersey, then yes brooklyn makes sense

              if hes heading to northern jersey, is teaneck, passaic etc, then going through the bronx, over the gwb, makes more sense for a lot of reasons, including th fact that the toll is better heading out

              1. re: shoelace

                Did you not notice the subject: "driving south from JFK"? At what point during a drive from JFK to Northern NJ would one be driving south?

                1. re: zsero

                  at the point that it become obvious that the OP isnt a nyer, and many people who are not nyers think that anything in nj is south of NY

                  specially if he brought up going in to the city, obviously hes not in the area or from the area, so heading south for him could mean an assortment of things

                  get a grip on the hostility

                  1. re: shoelace

                    How do you know what "many people" think? Did you do a survey? Many people think all sorts of things, and there's no telling how bizarre, but when someone says something I take them at their word, rather than try guessing whether they mean something else. Otherwise how do you know he doesn't actually mean he's landing at LGA, because "many people" only know the name of one NY airport? Or maybe he's actually driving east on the Southern Shore Parkway.

                    Get a grip on the defensiveness.