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Sanagan's Meat Locker expanding (taking over European Meats space)

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Just read about this on BlogTO this morning:

They are taking over the European Meats space and will offer more products. Excited to see what happens there.

Is Easton's still operating in the market? I think they were past employees or partners of Sanagans? Wonder if they will join forces in the new space (since I know they were in an ice cream shop for the winter but don't know what happened to them since).

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  1. Awesome news. Love Sanagan's.

    1. He's my fav butcher in the city so I'm hoping this will result in just more amazing product sourced (and now made) with love!

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      1. Easton's closed at the beginning of April. Mr. Cream is back selling ice cream.

        I've been missing them. Hard to believe there's no where else to get deli meats in KM currently. They're last tweet mentioned they'll be back in the fall.

        So not sure if they'll be involved with the expanded Sangagan's.

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          I really hope Easton is involved. Easton made sandwiches, so maybe he'll head up the sandwich counter and charcuterie at the new Sanagan's location. In any event, I think the new place will be great.

        2. Opened today

          Happened to walk by around 9:00ish and they were inside doing some work, it looked "ready" to go, then tonight I saw on Now Toronto that they actually were open today

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            they moved in wednesday but had to operate cash only, kinda sucked for me since i wasn't prepared for that.

            space is huge, looks great, people are as swell as ever but i think there's going to be a lot of new employees needing training. they have a great looking cooked items section and a bit of seating, exactly like the old layout. curious about their rotisserie chicken.

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              Thanks for notes,

              BlogTO did a write up with pics of the chicken/etc. Looks good, so do the sandwiches!

          2. I went yesterday and tried the roast beef sandwich. It was fantastic. It's served with mushroom gravy, caramelized onions and cheddar on a nice roll. For $9.50 it comes with really good fries. Can't wait to try the other sandwiches and rotisserie chicken.

            1. I went yesterday. Well I miss European Meats. The prices are way higher at Sanagan's Meat Locker. I thought the owner said In NOW magazine that the prices were going to be affordable?

              1. I've dropped by 3 times since they've opened (I really want to support a top notch local butcher), but much of the meat displayed (and I'm not saying all of it, but too much) looks unappetizing... brownish and dry (not aged in a good way, just left in a big fridge for too long)... is it just me or has anyone else noticed this also?

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                1. re: JonasBrand

                  I agree about unapppetizing, but I didn't stop to try to put my finger on it. I left and thought I would go back some day soon thinking I just wasn't in the meat shopping mood.

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                    i've been going pretty consistently and haven't noticed this problem. had actually really good luck with a lot of sausages and some pork chops, oh and duck eggs. lots of those. i'd be disappointed to notice a drop in quality i've been a sanagans fan for a while and would hate to see bigger space mean problems, although like i said i haven't seen this yet

                    1. re: ylsf

                      Yup, it's great. All their sandwiches are amazing. And the rotisserie chicken is my favourite in the city by a mile. I pretty much go every weekend now.

                    2. Maybe this is just us but we didn't find the meat too appetizing. I was in there once before briefly and this place isn't busy. I mean compared to European meats back in the day. For someone that is a bit sheepish, I think this place seems a bit intimidating but that's just me.

                      Alot of hte meats they have appear to be better quality, I mean, they list the farms that it's from but I don't know anything about farm names.

                      We asked for debreceni and they gave us something that wasn't spelled the same way. When we went home to cook it, it tasted like a regular sausage, not the same like what I remember from Euoprean meats.

                      Anyways, long story short. I'm not saying that I don't want to pay for higher quality. It can feel daunting going in there because you don't know what you want, and some of the meats looked a bit brown to me. It didn't seem like it was fresh so to speak.

                      I find the staff for the most part are all young, and while that may not make a difference, I find some of them to be a bit out there. We went the other day to get the roasted chicken, girl at the hot food counter was busy talkign to some guy that was standing in the hot area but wasn't wearing a uniform. After they finish their conversation, she leaves and we walk around. She comes back and she's gone again. We asked if that section is closed and someone told us she'd be back momentarily. Wouldn't you know it, when she does come back there's someone standing there and they got the last chicken for the day. She sends him to the cash and seeing no one there she cashes him out. Took us 15 mins of waiting only to not get the chicken.

                      Went back another day, got the chicken. Dude there was ok I guess, if not for the fact he was playing with the butcher knife spinning it on the counter. Fries are good, but the day we went no chives for the fries. sigh. Chicken is ok, I wouldn't say it's better than Swiss Chalet, it's on par but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.

                      They were cooking chili and it doesn't really seem professional because one of the guys took a spoon to go taste it and he wasn't the one cooking it. Maybe it's just me but I don't think this place is any better than European in terms of cleanliness.

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                      1. re: flonie

                        That's management indifference/absence. Just too many other places to get quality meat around DTTO. My take? They're foolishly banking on the destination appeal of "nouveau" Kensington to cover a so-so shop with witless staff and sometimes sloppy presentation.

                        1. re: Kagemusha

                          How many times have you been in the shop? What have your purchased? Have you ever spoken to Sanagan himself? He's a very knowledge owner who happens to be there almost all the time.

                          This is not about "nouveau" kensington at all. IMO it is about people who don't want mass produced meat and have the ability to pay more for what they are buying. If that's not your thing then that's fine but saying that management is indifferent or absence is a bunch of BS.

                      2. Sanagans' system is real simple. Take a number, when it's called that person is yours for whatever you need, anywhere in the shop, as long as you need them. It's real simple and effective, but not everyone gets it at first.

                        I bought a 2.5 pound 40 day aged porterhouse there last week that might have been a top 5 lifetime steak for me. So good.

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                        1. re: childofthestorm

                          So are you saying that I take a number and then I can get help in the hot foods area?

                          Your right, I didn't know that one. I remember European's old system of getting the number but they stopped using that when it wasn't busy. The day times I've gone here it's been pretty quiet, in other words there are more employees than customers.

                          Do I need to research online to see if these farms are any good? I can't see them staying alive and well in this location but that's just me. Then again I never thought their existing location was busy to justify moving here.

                          I'll try them again at some point, if not for anything, their fries are good. As someone mentioned, the witless staff can be offputting but that's just me.

                          1. re: childofthestorm

                            The only steak I like better for home cooking is when I can get a 60 day aged bone in ribeye from Cumbrae's but most often you need to pre-order that as 45 days in more typical from the case.

                          2. I like Sanagan's but what I find annoying i the lack of labelling at the deli counter. There's lots in there, but unless you recognize something, it's impossible to know what's what. No board describing the products. Annoying. Easton's did a far better job for the deli products. To bad he's gone.

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                            1. re: acd123

                              I quite agree, if you know the people that work there, it seems like everyone that works there fits a partcular descrpton. Maybe it's just but I find most of the staff either look like they are students.

                              I honestly don't know if I want to trust what they have to say based on the interaction I had when we were there the other day. I asked if any of the stuff they carry is from European, and the guy was like "no, no, definately". I only said that because some of the labeling for the kobalssa looked like it.

                              You raise a good point about the deli. We weren't sure what was what the other day when we went. I just wonder, is brownish dry looking meat supposed to taste better?

                              1. re: flonie

                                I can't afford Sanagan's so I miss European Meats but you don't seem to understand that the two have nothing to do with one and other except they both sell meat. Go to European Meats at their other location if that is what you want. In my experience, Sanagan's meat is very high quality and Sanagan himself is very experienced and knowledgeable so there really isn't anything to worry about there. It is very strange to walk into that familiar space and not get the well oiled machine service that was European Meats but we have to get over that. The hipsters behind the counter are the latest wave of immigrants welcomed into Kensington Market.

                            2. Stopped by yesterday during PS Kensington (Pedestrian Sundays). Picked up a meat pie (pork and rosemary I think?) and a blood pudding/apple turnover... having the turnover for dinner right now, delicious!

                              Was super busy yesterday, they definitely seem to be doing well in the expanded space.

                              I don't often to find a need to compliment staff but everyone I interacted with was super friendly and knowledgeable. From the guy getting my order to the cashier even though it was busy/hectic in there.

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                              1. re: ylsf

                                yeah six months on from my last post I've been back there countless times and have only been disappointed once, in some poorly cased sausages. spatchcocked (any excuse to use that word) a chicken from them last weekend and it was fantastic. good people good meat great service