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Jun 12, 2012 07:31 AM

Upscale Dinner in Singapore


need recommendation for upscale food in Singapore. I'm considering Iggy's , Tripple Club, Andre.
Have heard that Ku De Ta is the place to be, how about the food there?

I'll be also thankful for some tipps concerning singapore chinese ( crab and seefood) and indian food.

Thanks a lot

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  1. Suggest you read this thread which I initiated:

    Definitely go to Equinox and pre-reserve a window table (extra charge 20 SGD!).

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    1. re: josephnl

      Thank you, but you're a bit late with this post. I have already returned from Singapore. We have been to Andre, which was good.

      1. re: kobri

        Glad you enjoyed Andre's - I'd heard many good things about the place.

        Sorry I missed your original post last June (I was in Germany most of that month & was posting on the Europe board mainly then) - I'd have liked to give you some suggestions for Singapore then. But you seemed to have successfully seeked out one of the best yourself :-)

        1. re: kobri

          What did you have at Andre. By the way, you're referring to the Tippling Club in your original post? Ryan Clift is good. I like Australian chefs ;)

          1. re: M_Gomez

            Well, we had pretty the same menu as described by Julian recently. We did enjoyed it, though I was not so euphoric about it like Julian seems to be. Andre is definitely one of the best in Singapore, perhaps even the best. But far away from being one of the best in the world or even in Asia. ( I say, Ultraviolet in Shanghai!!!). Yes, I know, he is on Pellegrino's list, but...

              1. re: kobri

                Hi Kobri, glad you liked Andre. I can't put my finger on it but there is something about the food and the place that speaks to me.

                I've always loved Chiang's food, and I think that Andre is one of the few in Asia that genuinely would not look out of place amongst the starred tables of France. With all the guidebooks talking about "best in country" such as Cilantro, Antonio's, etc., it's easy to forget that insofar as European cuisine goes (and with very few exceptions, amongst which I do not count my recent experience at Cilantro), we are really playing in the minor leagues here.

                1. re: Julian Teoh

                  Hi Julian,
                  you're absolutely right that Andre wouldn't look out of place somewhere in France, and actually that is exactly the issue I somehow criticize. I mean, if I want French food, I can go to France. But if I'm in Singapore, I would like to have French food with the Singaporean accent. I have missed this local accent . Nevertheless, Chiang is doing a great job and I'm glad we have been in his restaurant.

                  1. re: kobri

                    Hi kobri,

                    I was referring more to the outright quality of the meal, rather than the flavours. In terms of what we offer here by way of Singaporean accents to higher-end European cooking, it will typically be European technique using Japanese and other Asian ingredients (rarely local as we don't have any significant agricultural production to speak of). Andre ticks this box.

                    Without going into reasons, there are very few higher-end European-oriented restaurants whose food has a distinct Singaporean accent. At the moment, I can only think of Sky on 57 (Justin Quek's place at Marina Bay Sands) and Pamplemousse at Dempsey (more bistro-like, though).

                    1. re: Julian Teoh

                      The only local fusion I can think of was the now-defunct Tiffin Club. Sad :-(

        2. Ku DeTa is definitely the place to be...!

          The food is OK, it reminded me of a Zuma copy, and I thought Zuma was better, and I didn't like Zuma that much. It is also buttock clenchingly expensive - I think my dinner was S$120 a head with no wine (I wasn't paying). Ok for a work function but I would think twice for a personal meal (you can just visit the bar S$20 a beer)

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          1. re: PhilD

            Don't know about dinner at Ku De Ta, but have had cocktails there. From that experience alone, I can't imagine that the restaurant would be better than Equinox. We had a wonderful dinner at, service and ambiance! Aside from great food and service, even the view is better at Equinox...the entire Marina Bay (including the MB Sands) and the laser show are perfectly viewed from a good table at Equinox, And for $20, they will guarantee a window table. The City Space bar at the Swisshotel is a perfect place for a pre- or post-dinner cocktail, also with an amazing view. The entire ambiance at the Swisshotel is so much nicer than the crowds at the MB Sands.