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Jun 12, 2012 07:29 AM

Summer Cooking Camp for Kids

Does anyone know of cool cooking camps for kids this summer in the NYC area? Thanks so much!

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    1. Hmm, that was listed under camps on Time out ny kids website but when I went to the site it doesn't really look like a camp.

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        It's a bit different, but thanks for sending along. It might work for what I'm looking for.

      2. My daughter went to a camp in Forest Hills run by Young Chef's Academy for a few years and loved it. I'm not sure if they are doing it this year but you could look them up and give them a call. The camp was a combination of four community based kids classes - dance, music, yoga and cooking. The cooking took place at lunch. If that isn't running, YCA probably has a whole bunch of summer activities that might work.