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Jun 12, 2012 07:21 AM

Dinner Near Colosseum

I will be in Rome soon with my wife and 2 sons, and we've scheduled a night-time visit to the Colosseum (begins 9:20 PM). We'd like to have dinner in the vicinity and then stroll over. Would Trattoria Monti be a good choice? Google Maps suggests it's a 15 minute walk to the Colosseum - is that realistic, and is it a nice walk? I know Hostaria da Nerone is closer but it's been very controversial on these boards of late. Thanks!

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  1. Go to Nerone. Somebody or other didn't like it, but most people do, and it is exactly what you need.

    1. Our family love Luzzi. Great pizza, great roast, great salsicce. Ten minute walk to Coloseum. Just a block down from Lubicana served by bus)

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        Ive been to all of the three suggested, of them I think Monti has the best food, followed by Nerone, classic trattoria fare, including good antipasti array, and Luzzi,a buzzing neighborhood place, food not quite on the same level as Nerone tho we had some good dishes (pasta with clams, specials of the day.) didnt think the pizza was anything much and the salad was about the minimum you could imagine. (when did you go, Stymie??) If I were picking, Id chose Nerone, because you would be stressed finishing your dinner and speedwalking over from Trattoria Monti, whereas Nerone is a comfortable stroll from the Colosseum.

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          Visited Luzzi 3 years ago. We even tried a second night but it was their day to close. I would sure defer to JenK and MBFant. You really can't go wrong with their recommendations.

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            We stopped going to Luzzi years ago, decades actually. I walk past it all the time and am never tempted to re-try it, but it is always full. Le Naumachie on the same block (corner of Via SS. Quattro and Via Celimontana) has never tempted me but is reputed to be OK, and it looks clean and certainly cheap, and big, so presumably easier to get a table. Both are trattoria-pizzerias. The pizzeria recommended by Katie is a full-blown pizzeria, and it's my neighborhood pizza of choice, classic thin-crust, but unless you want pizza, I would certainly go to Nerone. Li Rioni gets very crowded, and personally I would feel more relaxed at Nerone and you can have real food.

      2. While I enjoyed my dinner at Trattoria Monti in April, I think the timing would be tight to dine there and then go to the Colisseum.

        1. Trattoria Monti is 15-20 min walk from Colosseum exit and the neighborhood you would walk through can feel a bit sketchy at night (tho it is relatively safem it doesn't look it). Why not go to Li Rioni for pizza and panna cotta? it's a 5 min walk from the colosseum on Via dei SS. Quattro Coronati 24. Im not a huge fan of Nerone.

          1. I would save Trattoria Monti for a evening when you aren't rushed. Nerone is certainly a good choice, but I would also add Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. It's a 6 minute walk to the Colosseum, and is located in the Monti neighborhood.