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Jun 12, 2012 02:41 AM

Late Spring Omakase at Shunji Japanese Cuisine: A Pictorial Essay

Verdict: Chef Shunji is really hitting his stride at this new location. This was an amazing meal, including three fish I've never tried before: Aka yagara (cornetfish), Isaki (grunt), and Kisu (silver whiting). The cooked food & the sushi were both outstanding.

Highlights included:

- Tai (red snapper) Uo-Somen (fish paste noodles), Enoki Mushrooms, Yuba (tofu skin), Okra & Summer Truffles, in a Yuzu Dashi Broth, Topped with Foie Gras Shavings... No more after June 30th

- Squid Ink "Pasta", with Uni, Truffle & Uzura Tamago (quail egg)

- Agedashi Tomato "Tofu", with Nasu (eggplant), Shishito Pepper

- Gently Cooked Uni in Fig

- Sazae (turbinate shell conch) Sashimi, with Kimo (liver), Garnished with Farmer's Market Baby Scallion & Radish

Price: I "hybridized" the meal by asking the Chef if he could combine cooked elements and sushi, so it came out to an above-average night at $200 per person (including 1 draft Sapporo). BUT each standard omakase format, by themselves, costs much less.

I can't wait for the summer menu...

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  1. Oh, my! Another delicious selection of photos from J.L. Once again, brilliant work.

    1. Wonderful photos. Bravo.

      1. Wow, J.L. $200/person? That's 2.5 times the price of the normal $80 omakase. That's like a Shunji omakase AND a Kiriko omakase together! :-) If my count's right, you've got a dozen dishes followed by a dozen pieces of sushi. Nice!

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        1. re: PeterCC

          Peter don't know how to break it to you but there is no Kiriko $80 omakase. It'll run around $120.

          JL could have got like 10 hand roll lunches though! ;)

          1. re: Porthos

            Actually, Kiriko's menu says their omakase ranges from $80 to $120 (and up, of course), but I was referring to J.L.'s $200 meal being the same price as one of Shunji's normal omakase ($80) plus one of Kiriko's omakase ($120; see, I did properly price Kiriko's average--in cost, not in quality--omakase).

            1. re: PeterCC

              I know what it says but it's consistently been over $100 since 2 years ago without JL's upgrades. If you get around to it, you'll see.

        2. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I was especially hungry that day...

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          1. re: J.L.

            Was this part of your food crawl? I think your Kiriko omakase was before that weekend, but the Ración, Sweethome Grill, Dean Sin World, those were all part of your crawl.

            1. re: PeterCC

              No, not part of that particular food crawl - Just eating out a lot these days. And, if time permits, reporting back on some of it.

              1. re: J.L.

                Darn, another pricey meal, it does look good though. Yeah, I concur with Pete though that it was double and a half the normal cost of an omakase at shunji's, although he probably had double and a half the number of dishes.

                But what I really want to know is he is still serving the monkfish liver mousse balls as well as the bleu cheese potato balls topped with dried persimmon. Those were a couple of the best dishes that I have had in months.

                1. re: kevin

                  Did you see my photos, kevin? See photos 3, 4, & 5...

                  1. re: J.L.

                    J.L. What's the prosciutto(?)-wrapped bread-looking thing in pic 7? Was the fig uni dish pics 14/15? Was the sazae pic 19?

                    1. re: PeterCC

                      Pic 7: Okara (tofu paste, or soy pulp) with Kani (crab), Shiitake Mushrooms, Wrapped by Prosciutto Ham

                      Yes, Pics 14 & 15: Fig &Uni

                      Pic: Sazae (turbinate shell conch) with Kimo (liver), Baby Scallions, Radish

          2. Very nice!

            For the fish geeks in us:

            キス【鱚】kisu - Japanese whiting (Japanese sillago)
            イサキ/いさき【鶏魚/伊佐木】isaki - chicken (three-line) grunt
            アカヤガラ【赤簳/赤矢柄】aka-yagara - red cornetfish (Japanese rifle fish)