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Jun 11, 2012 11:46 PM

Suggestions for the Languedoc

Any favourites in the Carcassonne/Limoux/Sete/Pezenas areas? We leave this weekend for a leisurely drive through the region and it's always nice to have a few treasures on the list rather than taking a chance with the unknown. Price is not a problem.


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  1. I've made all my recommendations on one or two recent-ish threads (I think you posted on one of them), and don't have anything to add really ... except do try to get inland a bit - the mountains north of Pezenas and Beziers are stunning and there are a few places worth eating at in that area (which are in the thread I mentioned).

    Enjoy it, and come back with lots of new recommendations :o)

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      Thanks, Theresa. I must have missed your other thread somehow. I'll go back and find it. We have three days in the Pezenas area and will be sure to head for the mountains!

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        Theresa, I really am getting old and forgetful. I did read that wonderful list of yours not that long ago. At least this time, I printed it out!!

      2. Don't miss Le Comte Roger in the old town of Carcassonne. Delicious and not particularly expensive either.

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