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Jun 11, 2012 09:37 PM

Astoria needs

Looking for seafood and the good pub/wine/beer thing (AKA "gastropub"). Casual dining preferred. I saw something about Silver Salmon and it looked good but the wine list on the website was at least 5 years out of date. We will have 1-2 lunches, dinner and, maybe a breakfast or brunch. I hate brunch, but whatever, gotta go with the flow. Thanks.

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  1. "Wine list ... out of date"? Come now. That's not the way to enjoy dining on the Northwest Coast.

    I had pan-fried Willapa Bay oysters at the Silver Salmon Grill not long ago, and they were excellent. I also had a perfectly acceptable glass of wine with them. Whether it was "out of date" or not I have no idea.

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      Well... the wine list. I only mentioned it because that "may" be a sign that things are not working correctly. You resolved that issue. Thanks.

      1. re: Tom Hall

        Check out Fort George Brewing, Wet Dog Cafe or Rogue Public Ale House. Rogue has great clam chowder and pretty views of the Columbia River. All of the dining in Astoria is pretty casual. We also love Ship Inn for fish n chips, they have a full bar there and also very good views of the Columbia River. :)

        1. re: syrahgirl

          I think I would head for Rogue Public Ale House - might need help finding it but it's definitely unique. I like Fort George but the several times we've eaten there the service has been slooooow. I love the fish & chips at Rogue though.