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Jun 11, 2012 09:33 PM

ning chi "chili shrimp sauce" and "spicy pot sauce"

What should I do with it?

I have been buying a lot of chili pastes from the Asian grocery. My favorite is "hot garlic sauce " by Heavenly Chef, and I have "ground chili garlic oil" with a picture of, and the word pho on it. Today I also bought "Chili Garlic Sauce" with the Rooster from the siracha bottle. It looks loose, like my "fresh ground chili paste". It's not as dark as the "hot garlic sauce" (which looks cooked), but they both say Tuong OT TOI Viet-Nam. I have chili xo sauce, which I know has dried seafood in it, and today I bought a bottle of "ning chi chili shrimp sauce", and "ning chi chili spicy pot sauce".

They also had fresh goose eggs, complete with bits of hay stuck on them!

Any references to help me sort this out? I found this while looking for a recipe for pickled mustard greens. Hmmm....I seem to remember an android or Ipad ap......

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  1. The spicy pot sauce is to add to hot-pot (huo guo / shabu shabu), to make it numbing and spicy. The Ning Chi brand one is very good. You can also add it to noodle soup.

    I think the chili shrimp paste would be intended as a general use condiment, to be added when eating food, more often than when preparing it.

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      Okay, thanks!

      Ning Chi pot sauce came in a pretty box, and it was on sale!