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Jun 11, 2012 07:50 PM

Sous-Marin Nha Trang (Vietnamese subs and some asian dishes)

I was so pleasantly surprised and excited about this little hole in the wall that is run by a couple.

They are located on Jean-talon next to the infamous greek place called village grec that serves bland souvlakis and donner.

Nha Trang was located next to the McDonald for 14 years on Jean-Talon and moved a bit west on Jean-Talon 3 years ago because of the rent.

I passed in front of this place and always wondered what are they doing in little india. Today at lunch I went in to give them a chance and wishing they had a good Vietnamese banh mi sandwich. I was reluctant when I saw the decor. This place is a hole in the wall type with plain jane decoration.

So anyway looking at the makeshift menu on the wall, I saw that they have wonton soup for 2$ so I asked the lady if it was home made for the hell of it while waiting for my sub sandwich. I wasn't expecting a Yes in response but she said yes I do everything here.

So what the hell for 2$ I honestly was expecting the regular tasteless broth and tasteless pork wonton. To my great surprise her broth was very good and flavorful and the pork won ton were so tasty it's unbelievable how great it was. I was just so happy with my discovery.

the second time I went was the next day because of her wonton soup that I had again and also I had to give a try to their PAD THAI dish. Again unfaithful me I wasn't sure that for 8$ it would be great. It turned out to be full of flavors and a really enjoyable dish.

This place is a gem. Thank you to the couple running this joint. I wish I was an artist or designer, I would gladly revamp their decoration free of charge just because I loved their food so much.

634 Jean-Talon Ouest
Montréal, Québec
tel 514-271-1923

note to hungryann: You must give them a chance after I read your comment from 2010.

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  1. I was uninspired by the place in 2010 not only because it was plain looking but it did not seem like cleanliness was a priority. I might give it another try next time I am in those parts, fter your glowing recommendation

    1. I have to talk about "Sous-Marin Nha Trang" located on jean-talon. After a bad experience at a new place on jarry called Thai Deli I was still hungry and went to Nha Trang on jean-talon to save my lunch.

      Nha Trang won ton soup is just full of flavors. It's a mom and pops place. Don't be deceived by her MICROWAVE for heating the soup. It's a very good broth and the won ton are delicious.

      Also they do a hell of decent job on the fried rice.

      The mother is a number and half and makes me laugh all the times. She wants to sell me all the goods in the store every time.

      1. That is nice to know as I knew the old location - good food for the same price as the McCrap next door.

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          Actually McDonald's price are much more expensive.