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Jun 11, 2012 07:13 PM

Franki burger recommended- Vic Park

Franki Boys Sports Bar and Grill
1752 Victoria Park Ave
416 701 1822

I posted previously asking Chrs for info on the burger. No one replied to the request , so I decided to take one -burp- two for the team. In summary, I would come back here , whereas I haven't and won't to any of the many places rhapsodized here. These places have left me, or rather I left these places, one or more of
(a) angry
(b) quizzical how someone can make a business out of so little.
(c) with a bad taste in my mouth (i) food no good
(ii) feeling exploited
(iii) both
d)hungry, particularly if I had thrown away the burger after a bite or two. Rather a bite and a nibble
e) feeling yucky if animal survival instinct or imbued morality had made me eat the burger
But I haven't tried them all. Expectation of more of the above.

Franki is a sports bar . Seems to be new and done up quite nicely. Nine TVs. Almost all high tables and chairs- fall off an dyou're cut off? Decorated with lots of photos of old hockey heroes. Some guys from even before the Maple Leafs won the Cup the last time. Didn't try the washroom so can't comment.

The burger combo special was $7.95, second one $3.99. Twelve oz burger, French fries or salad.
The sign said eat in only, the waitress I think told me that I had to have a drink with it. I went in and asked for one and said that I didn't want anything to drink but that she should add a couple of dollars. The owner talked me in to having two at the reduced price, dispensed with the drink requirement and let me have it to go. The singer of the American national anthem before the big game was aweful (no,no, I mean, really bad) while I waited; on all nine TVs.

The burger was "old skool" (sp?) "skule"?. A big patty said to be 12 oz. I don't know if it had been smashed, but it certainly was flat. and reasonably thick- like me, and this meal violated my diet.
Like I said, traditional. Mustard , relish, ketchup on the bottom. onion, tomato lettuce on top. I declined the cheese without asking if it was of the age of consent, and said no butter, no mayo , so I don't know if these would have been applied.
The patty itself was house made, quite clean tasting and tasty. It tasted like beef! Now there's something unusual! The only certification is from me and I don't know the pedigree of the cow. So you will have to believe me or not
The fries were ample and very good for their type. Better than most.
Fries on one combo, salad on the other.
The salad was basic chopped salad, but the vegetables were fresh , had not sat around and the salad was tasty.
As for the bun, you gotta give the guy a break; this is Toronto after all. It was better than many. Y'e know what- better than most. Certainly excellent in that it was harmonious with the aesthetic of the burger.

The burger is a special special.
There are everyday specials posted
Ribs and wings -$12.95
Chicken Caesar, or rather Ceaser
(he listened to the Mrs. and didn't go to the forum?) $9.95
Pulled pork on Kaiser
(nothing to do with the prior guy) $7.95
Grilled cheese, ham and fries $5.95
Mushroom cheddar omelette $7.95
Pint and six wings $7.95

If these items are like the burger, they should be quite good and with lots to eat.
Oh yeah, Sunday all you can eat wings $10.95.

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  1. Sounds good VVM. Speaking of sound, do they keep the tv's at a level that allows for conversation? Is it the kind of place where you would stay for a meal? I don't need anything fancy, just clean and comfortable with patrons that do more than while away the hours drinking.

    As to buns, just about every Scarborough restaurant would do themselves a service by simply getting supplied by Montmartre Bakery. I see no reason why I encounter so many bad breads and even less reason for using Ace Bakery, they of the bland and overpriced.

    I sure wish I'd taken up your challenge instead of investigating Thai Everest just south of your sports bar. More on that later in another post.

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    1. re: Googs

      I too would be interested in the answers to these questions.

      1. re: Googs

        Wow, I'll have to try Montmartre Bakery.
        Ace bakery (the real stuff from the bakery, not he half-baked and reheated stuff they sell in supermarkets) is the only quality baguette I've found in North York. Aside from that it's all italian bakeries for my bread fix.
        Specifically what items do you recommend?

        1. re: TorontoTips

          Specifically, I'd recommend going to Montmartre Bakery early for best selection and getting whatever you normally get. Be prepared to pay less for equal or better quality than you're accustomed to.

          Keep in mind that this is a restaurant and retail supplier in an industrial zone. Don't expect posh digs.

          Don't expect your fancy or your schmancy either. Think homestyle baked goods that we would all make at home had we the time and skill. Delicious breads, mom-like cookies, seasonal fruit pies. That kinda thing.

          Closed Sunday's and Monday's. Open Tues-Fri 8:30am-6:30pm, Sat 8am-5pm. Good luck if you go past noon though they'll still have a thing or two so you won't leave empty-handed if the gig goes late.

          Bonus Points: Gluten free available by advance order only on Thursday's only.

          1. re: TorontoTips

            I'm in the area somewhat frequently and have never been into Monmartre Bakery...thanks as well, will have to check it out.

        2. Where is this place relative to KC McFly's or Renegades? I tried to find it using Google maps street view, but no luck. Thanks!

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          1. re: kwong

            I believe Franki's is where Renegade's used to be.

          2. Franki is on the west side of Vic Pk, at Surrey which runs only east , across from a Global gas station. It is north of KCMc. . I don't know Renegades.

            The place appears to be new and is quite nice in a simpler way as these places go, but pubs are not my cup of tea. The customers when I was their all seemed to be employed . No scuzz at all. The people depicted in the many photos are all wearing clothes. You can take a respectable woman there, but I wouldn't suggest it for a first date.

            The TVs were relatively quiet, but I overheard a worker saying that someone had come yesterday to do some work on them and the sound was messed up. So who knows.

            I shouldn't be so critical of the bun given the milieu. It showed an attempt. It would have been easier to have a fluff bun.
            I agree with you about Ace Bakery. For me it gives good bread a bad name. Yet the good bakeries in Toronto have disappeared or failed. So what else is new?

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            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              Just an FYI.....KC McFly's is now closed (It is now a Happyland Pub and Restaurant).
              Franki Boys is where Renegades used to be.

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                You’re absolutely right again VVM. That is one good dirty burger. That is to say, the kind of burger you hope to get out of a low rent place. Beefy and well crusted with unfancy toppings served on a fresh bun. Excellent fries and onion rings complete the holy grail find. Makes me look forward to a return trip to try the liver and onions.

                The room had a certain funky scent, but easily overlooked and kind of expected in the strip mall places along the west side of VP. The patrons were, as you observed, employed blue collar of the honour-in-an-honest-day’s-work variety. That made me feel comfortable and safe. Not easy around here sometimes. The conversations around us seemed as though they probably, more or less, take place the same way every day. We were eventually invited to join in on them.

                There was one notable exception among the patrons. I’ll not go into details. I’ll just say the owner should get rid of her before she costs him his whole business.

                We will definitely return. Thanks so much for your recommendation.