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Jun 11, 2012 06:18 PM

Best Philippine restaurants?

Just returned from a 9-day trip to the Philippines -- fell in love with the food, of which I ate way too much. Now I want more. Any recommendations for good Philippine restaurants here in the San Diego area?

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  1. National City is the mothership for Fillipino resto's...glad you had a great time!

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Thanks for the list BC! Didn't realize that there were so many options -- I'll definitely check out the top ones.

    2. I asked my Filipino friends, and Goldilocks and Tita's Kitchenette are the ones they recommended. Hope this could satisfied your crave.

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      1. re: JadyS

        Goldilocks gets the vote form my Filipino friends as well. I'd love to hear back on your thoughts on this. I was not impressed, but I also know little about Filipino food.

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          Based on the online reviews, Tita's is going to be my first choice. Looks like a winner. I'll check out Goldilocks too. I noticed a small bakery chain by the same name in some of the local malls (SM, Ayala) in the Cebu City area -- probably related.

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            I would add Conchings to this list along side Tita's and Manila Sunset for their nice presentation (relative to the other "point-point" places) but smaller portions.

          2. Have you tried Fredcel in City Heights? 3876 38th Street. I have not been to Fredcel in a couple of years but the last time I ate there it was good.

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              Ooh, that's pretty close to me, will give it a try.

            2. I second Manila Sunset! I like Tita's too, but MS lately has been the go to when the craving kicks in.


              1. If you want to travel up north Orient Valley has a nice variety of Fillipino eats. The crispy pork is AEDlicious and they do a great job with most of the standards and some things that look very exotic. On the weekend you can see an assembly line of roasted pigs going out for delivery and they look fabulous.


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                1. re: DeLobstah

                  This looks like a good one too -- I was in Cebu, which takes great pride in its lechon (roasted pig). Really good stuff. Thanks for the continued tips everyone. Field trips begin this weekend!