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Bermuda - third visit, what's new?

whs Jun 11, 2012 05:50 PM

We've been to Bermuda twice and are heading back for a third visit over the American July 4th weekend. Staying at the Rosedon in Hamilton. We've enjoyed Harry's, Barracuda Grill, Pickled Onion, Silk, Ascots, Waterlot, Port o Call, Hog Penny,Rustico, Mickeys, the Harbourfront, among many. Are there any new spots that you recommend? We miss Waterloo House!

  1. Athena Jun 12, 2012 03:06 AM

    Tribe Road Kitchen on the corner of King and Reid Street East in town (see their Facebook page for details and photos of delicious food).

    North Rock Brewery, South Road in Smith's has a new owner/chef who worked with Thomas Keller.

    Wait until you see the behemoth that is replacing the lovely Waterloo House ...

    1. b
      bdachow Jun 12, 2012 11:26 AM

      I'll add Angelo's Bistro (inside the Walker Arcade between Reid St and Front St), Smokin Barrel bbq truck, parked by the Front St. ferry terminal, Little Mexico food truck, parked in the City Hall parking lot by the taxi stand. Taste at 141 Front Street (the new building heading out of town towards Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute).

      I haven't eaten at 1 or 2, have been to 3 and 4 and they're both ok. 3 is a value for money proposition which I don't believe they fill even though the food is tasty (not great but good). 4 is too hit and miss and it's pretty slow.

      Have you been to The Dining Room at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse? It's by the Southampton Princess hotel, same owners as Rustico and the food is similar in style but the views are really pretty. I definitely recommend it. As well, Primavera's which was across the street from Harry's has been rebranded to Flying Fish, same owners as Rustico and Dining Room with more of a focus on seafood now.

      Think that covers things.

      Oh yes, lastly there'a new pastry shop up at Dockyard's, located across the road from the Visitor Information centre. If you're touring around the island up that way, I'd recommend it for a light lunch (although the portions are fair sized). I like sitting in the courtyard at a tall table and watching the tourists milling around. Plus they have free wifi.

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      1. re: bdachow
        Athena Jun 12, 2012 02:28 PM

        Did Angelo's Bistro open in the last week? That restaurant was closed the last time I walked through there.

        I didn't even notice that the Dockyard pastry shop served lunch I was so busy with the macarons and the croissants and those chocolate dipped almond cookies!

        1. re: Athena
          whs Jun 13, 2012 07:11 PM

          Thanks for the valuable info - no doubt we'll be revisiting some old favs, and will explore your suggestions!

          1. re: Athena
            bdachow Jun 14, 2012 10:38 AM

            I think they had a soft opening. The Royal Gazette did a quick article on in the last week or so.

            By the way Athena, I adore the asiago sour dough bread that they sell, they make such great sandwiches and grilled cheese!

          2. re: bdachow
            bermudagourmetgoddess Jun 21, 2012 08:00 AM

            Taste was hit or miss, but with the new chefs in the kitchen and streamlined menu for summer they have worked around the issues any start up restaurant goes through....

          3. whs Jul 17, 2012 06:00 PM

            Thanks again for your suggestions - highlight of the trip was the dining room at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. Spectacular view and my dining partner said the veal chop was the best he has ever had. My rockfish was perfectly prepared. Service was a little crazed, but two guys running up and down those stairs...oh my. Harry's did a nice lunch first day, Bouchee was a solid B foodwise, the captain of the Sally Bum Bum was taking his wife out for her birthday at the next table and we had a free-ranging and funny conversation. The weather was great, so all subsequent lunches were at Mickey's at Elbow Beach. Barracuda Grill was as good as we remembered, and Bolero served a tasty liver and onions! DP had blood pudding with potatoes roasted in duck fat - unctuous. Are the dress codes relaxing or is it our familiarity with Bermuda - everything seemed much less formal.

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            1. re: whs
              StayThirsty Jul 18, 2012 04:44 PM

              Unfortunately, just about everything in Bermuda is becoming more "relaxed". It seems like the majority of Bermudians under the age of 40 want the Island to become just like Jamaica or the Bahamas. Too bad as the unique lifestyle and attitude was what made Bermuda special.

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