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Jun 11, 2012 05:11 PM

Recs for a group dinner in Milwaukee

I'm in need of a recommendation for a group of 10-15 in what I believe is the far northwest side/Menomonee Falls area. We'll be staying at Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee Park Place
11600 West Park Place, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Outdoor seating is preferable. Any type of cuisine works.

Ages range from early twenties to senior citizens. I need a recommendation to prevent someone else setting us up at a TGI Friday's.

Hope you all can help!

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  1. Do you have any budget restraints?

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    1. re: Living4fun

      "Do you have any budget restraints?"

      That was my thought as well, but apparently they do not have budget constraints if Mr. B's looks "perfect". It is a great place, but the last time I was there with a group the bill with tip came out to over $100 per person and we ordered very modestly.

      1. re: Fowler

        Ow, I guess I didn't look at their website very thoroughly. $100 pp definitely will not fly. We'd need half of that or less. Back to the drawing board. : )

    2. About the closest for dinner would be
      Rich's Bar & Restaurant
      N80W13003 Fond Du Lac Avenue
      Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
      (262) 255-9094

      I have not personally been there, but two people whom I asked about it told me that they would be upset if I ever told anyone about it. They did not want it to be "discovered". Apparently there are regulars that have been going for years. Despite the ancient sign, they are not open for lunch.

      Other than that in the area, the Rang Line inn is not that far away.

      River Lane Inn is no longer, so don;t bother :)

      Taylor & Dunns has a great friday fish fry, my kid thinks that their wings are the best in the area, and they are generally good folks.

      The only real outdoor seating that I have been to in the area is Brew City BBQ.
      However, meh on the food.

      The rather famous place for the "all you can eat" protest is called Chuck's in Theinsville.

      A little further away and there are a lot more choices - what price range?

      Oh - Highland House has some decent drinks

      Jerry's has some decent food as well:
      There are also several local bars within walking distance that my father liked to be taken to.

      The only places right near by are pretty much chains. As well, there are a number of places that I wouldn't bother to go to.

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      1. re: exvaxman

        Hey Ex- Didn't Brew City close? I know that's your neck of the woods, but I thought I read something about it closing.

        1. re: KoolWhip

          I'll have to pay closer attention the next time I go past - The sign was still out there last week.
          After my experiences there I stopped going in. I did see that Sybaris is offering tours though :)

          You are probably right - the web site re-directs to water street brewery.

          No big loss if it did go under.

          1. re: exvaxman

            You are on a roll! Not sure which made me laugh harder; the Chuck's or the Sybaris comment. :-) :-)

            1. re: Fowler

              Brew City's location is up for sale according to a sign as I drove past today.

              1. re: exvaxman

                Jerry's also closed this year, Carol Deptolla notes in her column today. It wasn't great, but it was the most interesting place I was aware of along the corridor heading up to West Bend.

      2. If your budget allows, I'd check out Mr. B's, in Brookfield. The patio/outdoor bar is really great. It's primarily a steakhouse, but you'll find plenty of other menu options as well. It's run by one of the best restaurant groups in town and widelly regarded as one of the better steakhouses in town.It's about 10-15 minutes from your hotel and they routinely serve parties your size, so service shouldn't be an issue.

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        1. re: KoolWhip

          Mr. B's looks perfect. Thank you!

        2. probably too late, but I just noticed an outdoor dining map

          1. Now that the subject/thread has been brought up again by others, Rosedale, where did you end up dining?