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Sour cherry season yet?

With everything being so early this year, I was wondering if anyone had seen sour cherries about yet.

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  1. I saw one quart (literally only one quart out on the table) available at the USQ Farmer's Market last Saturday morning for $8. From what I understand, our early spring followed by successive frosts ruined this year's cherry harvest. Upwards of 75% of the national crop was destroyed in a handful of key growing regions.

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        D'oh! Ignore this post, I didn't realize JungMann commented last year.

      2. FYI ... I know you asked a while ago ... Locust Grove had a lot of sour cherries (W97th St. market) this a.m.

        1. Union Square market had then last week. They were crazy tart.

          1. Got 6 quarts at Union Square Greenmarket yesterday. Were told this vendor would only have them for another week, but it always seems they say that. Morello type, darker than Montmorency, $9 / qt.

            1. Got some at City Hall farmers market this past Friday.

              1. anybody seen anything? please help me?!
                i was outta town and missed it.
                no one at union square has them any more?

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                  I don't know where NY gets their sour cherries from, but the season is long gone here in northern VA. Mid-June sees the last of it. We're now well into regular sweet cherries.

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                    There were some, and by dogged persistence my husband scored 10 qts over 3 tries at USq greenmarket, but was told last week that was it. Worst season in 20 years.

                2. Kicking this up because, well...any sour cherries yet (June 2013)?

                  1. Any sightings? The cherry-crazed SO is getting antsy.

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                      Haven't seen any yet and I've been looking for them as well. I will ask the farmstand at Union Square tomorrow.

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                        They are there at the Samascott stand today, according to the Union Sq Greenmarket's Instagram!