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Jun 11, 2012 05:08 PM

Sour cherry season yet?

With everything being so early this year, I was wondering if anyone had seen sour cherries about yet.

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  1. I saw one quart (literally only one quart out on the table) available at the USQ Farmer's Market last Saturday morning for $8. From what I understand, our early spring followed by successive frosts ruined this year's cherry harvest. Upwards of 75% of the national crop was destroyed in a handful of key growing regions.

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        D'oh! Ignore this post, I didn't realize JungMann commented last year.

      2. FYI ... I know you asked a while ago ... Locust Grove had a lot of sour cherries (W97th St. market) this a.m.

        1. Union Square market had then last week. They were crazy tart.

          1. Got 6 quarts at Union Square Greenmarket yesterday. Were told this vendor would only have them for another week, but it always seems they say that. Morello type, darker than Montmorency, $9 / qt.

            1. Got some at City Hall farmers market this past Friday.