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Jun 11, 2012 05:05 PM

Rana Grill and Kebab (Tampa)

I waited way too long to post about this restaurant and now there is too much to say. The food is Pakistani/Indian. Three dishes that I order regularly are Goat Seekh Kebab, Goat Haleem, and Ginger Chicken. The kebabs are cooked perfectly. They are tender and juicy and full of herbs. The naan and rotis that go along with them are right out of the oven (tandoori?) and have the perfect amount of char. Goat Haleem is a goat stew that is slow cooked for many hours along with five kinds of daal. The dish ends up as a super-flavorful puree/stew. It's served with ginger, chiles, and limes that are meant to go on top. You can see both dishes in the attached picture although my camera is not doing its best work at the moment. The ginger chicken is loaded with ginger and other spices and cooked exactly as it should be. My vegetarian wife has fallen in love with the palak paneer and orders it on every visit. She then explores another vegetarian dish as a complement; the daal mash, daal fry, aloo gobi, and aloo bharta have all been winners. The biryani in all its myriad varieties is also excellent as are the lamb and goat chops and the curries. The restaurant is no frills but the service could not be more welcoming and the cooking tastes like it could only be out of someone's home. If you are in it for the food, this place is a must try.

Rana Halal Grill and Kabab
2043 East Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL, 33612

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  1. Thanks to CF, I'm also a big fan of Rana. It is by far my favorite South Asian in town. The kebabs are surprisingly moist and flavorful. Not much to look at but highly recommended.

    1. Flipping through my phone, I realized that I had forgotten to post these pictures. The daal was a special that I forget the name of. The chicken was called green chicken. I think that is a regular on the menu. It was excellent and will definitely be part of my rotation. The third dish was a special order of all sorts of offal. It was superb. I can't wait to have it again. I can't understand why there is not a line out the door at Rana. The food and the service couldn't be any better.