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Jun 11, 2012 04:38 PM

Toronto Underground Market

Haven't been able to get to the Toronto Underground Market (since tickets seem to sell out in a few hours...). Is it worth the hype? Are the waits excessively long?

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  1. Ha ha no one answered me so I'll answer myself :) Went to the July one and it was pretty well organized, some of the booths had line-ups 15-20 minutes, other booths had no line ups. Was crowded but not ridiculously so. Youngish crowd 25-45. About 40 vendors total. Went for the 6 pm opening, by the time I was done (around 8:30 pm) I noticed a few vendors were running out of some items. Most items between $3-8. No enough seating for everyone but there was room in the shade to sit on the ground and eat. A water booth was available if your brought your own bottle, or they'd sell you a plastic cup for $1. (Of course other drinks - both alcoholic and nonalcoholic - were available for sale).

    Overall a yummy time! Nice people, good food. Mmmmm deep fried bananas ....

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      We went last night and enjoyed it although not sure I would go again. Lineups were pretty long for the more popular items. We waited about 30 minutes for oysters and then went for the stuff that wasn't as popular. Great samosas, loved the dumplings, good butter chicken and pork and beans. Everything was pretty tasty, but really don't like the crowds.

      Even just getting in took about 35 minutes.

      We figured we spent close to $100 all in and for that price - well maybe another $20 or so, we could go have a nice sit down meal somewhere which would be more my style.

      1. re: millygirl

        Yeah, it was fine as a one-time event but I don't think I need to go every month.

        1. re: millygirl

          Wow, that's a lot! I went to the one in May and only spent about $20 on top of the ticket price. I only bought veg items but that shouldn't make such a big difference in cost...

          1. re: piccola

            I was figuring in for two of us and the oysters alone cost us $24, parking, etc.
            Maybe it was closer to $80 but still.....

            The food was good and the event was fun and exciting but I did not care for crowds, lineups and the heat was pretty intolerable too!

            If they limited the tickets sales to maybe half of what it was I would have found it much more enjoyable. But then, the vendors would suffer.

            1. re: millygirl

              Oh, that makes sense -- the oysters would be pricey, and I forgot about parking. Like I said, I got only veg dishes, which are cheaper, and took the shuttle from Broadview station.

      2. I went once when it was cooler out... I would like to go again in the future as I enjoyed it but I guess I am waiting for it to be "less popular" so that there are smaller crowds and maybe no "admission" fee.

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        1. re: ylsf

          Dream on, the event costs money to run, they have to hire buses, rent a truckload of catering equipment and pay Evergreen for the use of the space. There's NO WAY you could pull off an event like this without charging admission.

          Well I guess there is one way, they could just bury those costs in the costs of the food, but at the end of the day the money still has to come from somewhere.

          1. re: bytepusher

            What I mean is if it was like a true market... Not an "organized" event but market space. Personally I would rather pay 10% more per item than to have a fixed fee of $10 just to get in. I guess I am more used to the farmer's market type financing model. I would rather see someone event space like brickworks get involved in promoting this and covering some of the costs and for it to become more of a "regular" thing that once a month or less. I imagine brickworks/green p are making a ton on parking alone. I am just saying it would be great if it could become more of a casual "I feel like going to the market tonight" vs. "I have to pre buy tickets a month in advance to go to a market "