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Jun 11, 2012 04:29 PM

This or That?

We have 3 days.... We want a really nice dinner, a local favorite/hangout and a good ethnic place...

Matts in the Market or Canils?

Salumi or Luc.. or Paseo?

Wild Ginger, Monsoon or UMI?

I know they're a bit all over the place, but we've been given a lot of suggestions so we're trying to narrow down...

The other suggestion we've gotten in Harvest Vine...

(We don't want Italian/French or Salmon)

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    1. re: GreenYoshi

      Ditto but instead of monsoon, I would do revel or joule.

    2. Matt's and Canlis are pretty different. I love them both, but I'd look at online menus and see which appeals to you more. Matt's is more contemporary and casual (not too casual, but more so than Canlis, where jackets are highly encouraged). Canlis says special occasion, Matt's says night out in the city.

      1. Canlis for 'very nice' dinner. Matt's for a very local, Seattle small plates dinner
        Salumi for a lunch stop. Paseo down at Shilshole, combined with a walk at the Ballard locks for another lunch.

        Revel in Fremont for ethnic/very seattle. Can be lunch or dinner
        Definetly skip Wild Ginger - not like in the 'old days'...

        Staple & Fancy in Ballard; get the 'fancy. Very local, seasonal menu that changes every day. Chef's whim. Lot's of fun, great crowd.

        plan on spending one morning (go early!) wandering around the Market. One of top 10 farmer's markets in the country.Try a sampler at Pike Place Chowder. Samples at Beecher's cheese. Take a break and have a beer or glass of wine on the deck at The Pink Door in Post Alley (Italian, but you don't have to eat here, just enjoy the awesome deck and view), or head for the 3rd floor of Lowell's - right on the main arcade - again, not necessarily to eat, but the view of the harbor and a local brew go down well up here. Then resume shopping.

        1. Staple and Fancy could be the nice dinner or the local favorite. It is not white tablecloth nice, but great food. Or else I would do Crush for nice. Canlis is definitely "nice" but I don't find the food as interesting as at Crush. I would also recommend Rover's for nice, but it is very French.

          Salumi--only open for lunch (you mention dinner in your post). Luc is very French, if you don't want French. I love the sandwiches at Paseo. It closes early so I think of it more for lunch also, and it's not really a "hangout" kind of place. For locak hangout--Quinns or Spur.

          Monsoon over Wild Ginger.

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          1. re: cocktailhour

            Walk Northwest 3 blocks to Fremont Peak Park, 4357 Palatine, with a huge view of Ballard and the Sound and eat on the lawn.