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Jun 11, 2012 04:25 PM

Billy Goat Tavern for breakfast, anywhere else?

At laaaast! We're coming to Chicago at the end of the week. I have a rezzie at Girl & The Goat and we're also planning on one dinner at GEB.

Do you have any recommendations for a lunch down by the Art Institute or by the Museum of Science?

We are having brunch at Sable and breakfast at Billy Goat Tavern. Any other cheap but good rec's for breakfast in the Magnificent Mile area or 10 to 15 minute walk?

We're doing a food/cultural walking tour which we figure will also take care of one lunch.

I was hoping to have French Onion Soup at Kiki's Bistro but it's closed on Mondays which is when I'd like to go. Any rec's for French Onion Soup?

Going to three Red Sox/Cubs game, so some snacking will be done at Wrigley. Any good food inside the park?

Much thanks!

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  1. Hit Fish Bar before or after Wrigley. It's about a mile to the south.
    A few blocks north of the Art Institute is Pastoral, which has great sandwiches. There is also a good Italian restaurant along the museum's modern art wing.

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    1. re: camusman

      Thanks for those excellent tips Camus.

      1. re: TrishUntrapped

        I've heard good things about the French onion soup at Le Petit Paris but haven't tried it myself.
        Breakfast ideas:
        Espresso at Bar Toma
        Baked goods at Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter
        Also near Wrigley: Great Thai at TAC Quick, about a half mile north.

    2. We've been happen with Xoco or Do-Rite Donuts for breakfast in the past, and l also have Grahamwich on my list for breakfast since they now have Bleeding Heart pastries apparently.

      1. Oh good, thanks for those extra recommendations everyone.

        What a day this Friday is going to be! We arrive by plane at O'Hare, take the El, check into our hotel, 1:20 Red Sox/Cubbies game, 5:45 Girl & The Goat, 10 p.m. The Aviary for drinks. I'm bringing a change of clothes to the ballpark so we don't waste time going back to the hotel before dinner.

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          Better hope the game ends on time. It will be a little tight getting to GATG on time. How do you plan to do it?

          1. re: hoppy2468

            Thanks for the tips Hoppy and jb! Since we are going to all three games with the Sox, we plan on leaving in the 7th to get there on time. Planned on taking the train. Sound ok?

            1. re: TrishUntrapped

              no problem, you might even have time to freshen up. If you leave at 7th, a cab would get you back downtown much quicker and cost $15 plus or minus. I would rather be refreshed before Girl & Goat.

              1. re: jbontario

                Thanks for the tips. I'm bringing a dress made of fabric that doesn't wrinkle and sandals to change into. Maybe I can grab a quick spongebath in the ladies room.

                1. re: TrishUntrapped

                  There is a Starbucks on Addison (1023 W.) that you could use the bathroom to change in. Much cleaner than than a bathroom stall at Wrigley.

          2. re: TrishUntrapped

            Make sure you leave Wrigley before the end of the game. The red line gets jammed, can often take 30 minutes to get on a train and cabs are tough unless you walk 10-15 minutes first. If it was not a Red Sox game you wouldn't have a problem since the Cubs suck so bad, but people do like to see Boston.

          3. I just don't understand the breakfast plan for Billy Goat. Other than the SNL connection, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The food is just not very good. Are you having cheez-boigers for breakfast?

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            1. re: chicgail

              A co-worker of my husband's visited Chicago and sung its praises to high heaven so my husband asked me to put it on "The List." Interesting.

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                For breakfast walking distance to the Mag Mile: Tempo Cafe is my standby down there: old school and darn good eggs. Eggy's is new and getting good buzz.

                For lunch at the ballpark: Look for the stands making hot dogs with grilled onions, not the larger concession stands for a dog. And be aware you'll get taunted in Chicago if you put ketchup on a dog; it's a mustard town. I would respectfully disagree with a walk to the Fish Bar and just go with the dog at the ballpark. I work a half block from FB and find it to be average food for above average prices. I'd save the walk and the time for something more special and unique to Chicago, especially if you live in the Boston area, which I suspect you might.

                For French Onion Soup: If you are willing to flex a bit, I would recommend Maude's Liquor Bar and their "French Onion Fondue." Maude's is a lot of fun for food and drink. For a more traditional bistro, Bistro Zinc would be an easy walk and the food is fine.