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Jun 11, 2012 04:01 PM

HK Sunday Buffet - the 2012 thread

I had thought there was a thread on this but couldn't find it. So given it is such a popular feature ofSunday eating here I thought I would start one - thought it sensible to only reflect meals this year as these do change from year to year and a meal at the Conrad in 2008 i probably not going to reflect what they do today.

One new development is that many of the more upmarket places now do a semi-buffet, this haste usual self selection of starters and desserts from tables groaning under multiple options, but then has a ALC selection of minswhich you order (most give you only one choice).

My current meals in order of preference:

1. Whisk at the Mira - good selection and a focus on quality not just quantity. Quite a stylish place, with a semi- buffet, free flow champagne, wine, beer and three or four cocktails. An outside area to relax in if not too hot. Very good service with the team really focussed on customer care.

2. Spoon at the intercontinental - a slightly smaller selection that Whisk, a little more refined, and a touch more classy (in a fine dining way). Again a semi-buffet with some decent cooking in the main choices. The dessert section in the pastry kitchen is nice. Views are good. A glass of fizzy wine (not champagne) to start, then a choice of two whites and two reds from the sommelier (free flow). All interesting and very drinkable. Keen to eat there again but always booked.

3. Tosca at the Ritz Carlton - another semi-buffet. Quite a large selection of seafood, salads and cold meats etc. all pretty decent but I found it to be more quantity rather than absolute quality. Main course selections are fine if a little spartan. Only champagne on offer on the free flow package. Good view if near the windows but it is quite a large restaurant. Good to try but not one to rush back to.

4. Aqua (One Peking) - quite empty given the grandstand views. It doesn't have a traditional buffet, instead they bring large anti-pasti places and/or Sushi and zshashimi platters for the starters. These are very generous with lots of seafood and they offer top ups of anything you fancy. Ains are chosen from a long list, and you can keep choosing - so you can really pig out. Desserts come again as a platter. Free flow champagne only.

5. Verandah at the Peninsula - they also have a similar option at Repulse Bay. A formal semi buffet with no free flow options. Good selections of starters and dessert with very good main course options. It is all a little formal though, sort of a good place to take your parents. Need to try throne in Repulse Bay as it seems more casual.

Has anybody tried any others this year...?

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  1. I tried the Conrads in March and was very satisfied with it. Free flowing Champagne, a list of I think 5 different mains cooked to order (choose one), very big selection on Pasta, Fish, Lobster, unlimited foie gras, very good desert selection. The quality and taste was good to great.

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    1. re: NilesCable

      Ah!! The unlimited 'Chinese' Foie Gras at the Conrad!! Thanks for the memory, NilesCable!!
      BTW, the 'Argentinian' version of the Spanish Serrano ham at Spoon was very tasty and interesting too! Won't be able to tell its a clone from across the ocean if it wasn't for the chef who told me!!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        "unlimited foie gras" - sinful indulgence for those of us with stents in our hearts & daily dosages of Crestor. I still remember Conrad's Sunday buffet even though the last time I was there was more than 2 years ago - they still do free-flow foie gras now?

        1. re: klyeoh

          The last time I was there was in December but they did have free-flow foie gras then.

            1. re: klyeoh

              They also had it in March. So I would guess they still have it.

    2. My ultimate fave is still the Marriott's Sunday buffet. I can't get past the foie gras a la minute.

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      1. re: m3i

        Just to confirm - is this fresh foie gras cooked to order? And is it a main or are they cooking starters to order. That would be very interesting as most places only serve it as Pate in the buffetts. When did you last eat there?

        1. re: PhilD

          As a main. It is served in 1/4- 1/2 lobes, as far as I can tell and it's unlimited. I know I've had like... 3 lobes of foie in one sitting!! (Oh the shame.) The Marriott is a traditional style buffet-- not a semi-buffet. The last time I had the Sunday buffet was in late May but they've been serving foie that style for years.

          As a side note, the Tiffin dessert buffet at the Hyatt also serves fresh foie 'a la minute'-- though the chef cooks in batches at the buffet table and places it on a tray, whereas the Marriott is a genuine a la minute service. I think the Conrad Sunday buffet also does foie a la minute if I remember correctly (last time I had it was in December) but it's not very good value and the rest of the food is ma ma.

          1. re: m3i

            Nowadays, they use the much cheaper 'Chinese' Foie Gras, so its really not an 'expensive treat' as it seems! Still, it was good!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Next, they'll use "Chinese champagne", "Chinese black truffles", etc.

              1. re: klyeoh

                If the quality is good I wouldn't mind. And I wouldn't wonder if there would come up some good Chinese sparkling wine made from Pinot noir, Chardonnay or Pinot Meunier as I have tasted some very good Chinese wines in the past. They are certainly catching up fast in high quality food products.

                1. re: klyeoh

                  Apparently, Chinese 'unknown colour' Truffles are already in circulation and being used!

          2. re: m3i

            Which Marriott is this? The JW marriott or...? Is it the The Lounge or Marriott Cafe, if at the JW Marriott?

          3. I'm heading back through HK soon and still dream of Conrad. Should I go back or is there a better place for foie (Banned in California!), truffle pasta, and all the other goodies?

            Spoon? Whisk?

            I've done JW Marriott, Grand Hyatt, W, and Intercontinental already...

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            1. re: Foodnut8

              They still have all you can eat seared Foie Gras at the Conrad! If you are into 'cholesterol galore product' this is still the place!!