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Jun 11, 2012 03:55 PM

Garden produce 2012

We got 1 3/4 inches of rain that we desperately needed today.
The garden seemed to appreciate it.
Post here, if you like, pictures or descriptions of what you harvest this summer.

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  1. No picture but I picked a big mess of Swiss chard today. I am amazed by this stuff. I planted it spring of last year, harvested all summer, way into the fall. It finally slowed down during the winter but didn't die. I needed the bed it was in to keep up with crop rotation, so I transplanted it from one raised bed to another about a month ago and it is going gang-bangers again.

    ETA: I just clicked on your photo and I am green with envy. Slow start here.

    1. seeds are still just poking through the soil. My lettuces aren't even to that stage yet.

      Loved your photo, though. You have a lovely lush garden and pretty yard!

      1. So far, for 2012, I've harvested:

        20 lbs of carrots
        30 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes
        18 lbs of Norlan Red potatoes
        35 Yellow Granex onions
        33 Sweet White Spanish onions
        33 Red Italian onions
        44 heads of garlic
        at least 40 lbs of collard greens, mustard greens, swiss chard, black kale, spinach, and bok choy
        probably 40 lbs of zucchini
        14 lbs of green beans
        maybe 3 pints of blueberries
        6 heads of lettuce and various mixed greens

        Still to come:
        San Marzano tomatoes
        Belmonte tomatoes
        Sugar Cherry tomatoes
        peppers (hot and sweet)
        MORE zucchini

        That's it for now.

        1. Romaine has grown well so far. Also manoa lettuce does well out here. Lots of red beets (the yellow ones haven't done well), kale, string beans, eggplant. Asparagus is finally giving us nice thick stalks. Radishes have been planted, harvested and consumed 3 times since early spring. Tomatoes are just starting to ripen. Kabocha is trying to survive.

          Novelli- Your garden sounds amazing. I must admit I'm a bit envious. Awesome gardening!

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          1. re: onigiri

            Thank you! but there's not much to be envious about. I basically live out of a tiny shack with minimal front and backyards (probabaly less than 600 square feet growing space) in the middle of a fairly populated port town. I just try to keep up with everything and try to have something ready to go in the ground within a week of pulling something out.

            It's a real challenge sometimes!

          2. So far this year...
            Lettuce (leaf and romaine) - spring crop done
            Spinach (a few plants for salad) - spring crop done
            Radishes - spring crop done
            Green onions from seed
            Green shallots from seed
            Garlic scapes
            Snap peas - hoping 2nd set of blossoms develop before heat hits
            Cauliflower - plants got stressed, heads small
            Broccoli - again, stressed plants small heads, other plants still growing
            Swiss chard
            Banana pepper (yes, first one picked small - but still 1/2 the size of the plant)

            Coming soon:
            Beans - about a week
            Garlic - starting to dry down
            Kohlrabi - could start now

            In the future:
            Tomatoes - sandwich globes and romas, just starting to set fruit
            Peppers - mostly bells, one jalapeno
            Cucumbers - just started blooming
            Leeks (fall)
            Bulb onions
            Bulb shallots
            Brussels Sprouts (fall)
            Fall lettuce, spinach, chard, radish etc.

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              1. re: Crockett67

                My gardens are not all that big. I have one large plot that I get through community gardening. At home, it's all small plots and borders. I don't grow a lot of any one thing, but a few of this and a few of that...
                To update... the critters got my beans so only got a handful out of them. Garlic is harvested and Kohlrabi almost done.
                Cucumbers are coming in now (5 plants)
                Peppers - the banana are producing nice, but something is chewing on the pimento peppers. Bells still growing (I like them to color up before I pick them), and there's something wrong with my one Carmen pepper, instead of conical peppers I'm getting thin walled tiny round things...