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Jun 11, 2012 03:39 PM

Quick Stop in Charleston/Casual Food

We are making a quick stop in Charleston next week. Staying at Middleton Place but will drive in to Charleston( or thereabouts) for dinner.
We are looking for a casual place that will fit the bill for my husband (he wants Shrimp and Grits), two boys (fried chicken, mac and cheese, bbq, burgers, - they're teenagers, they eat non-stop) and me ( looking for a great vegetable plate).
So after a whole lot of time reading these boards I have come up with Hominy Grill, Boulevard Diner or Fat Hen.
But I have a feeling that I am missing something.
Any suggestions are most welcome. I greatly appreciate your help and will report on whatever restaurant we choose.
Thank you !!!!

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  1. You missed Glass Onion., Has everything you want including being fairly close to where you're staying. Fab food -- our new favorite go out to eat place. Check out the menu!

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    1. re: birgator

      Looked at Glass Onion and you are right - it looks like it is just what we are searching for... now birgator or Sue in Mt P, have either of you tried the coconut cream pie at Glass Onion. It is my husband's favorite and this could be the closer!
      Thank you so much!!!

    2. I agree. Glass Onion is excellent. If they have Belle's links get some.Tuesday is fried chicken night. You might need reservations for that.

      I'm not crazy about the S&G at Boulevard. They use cheese grits. I like plain with my shrimp, but that's just a personal preference. They have great collards and fried green tomatoes.

      1. I went to Charleston YEARS ago, but loved Jestine's kitchen.

        1. If you are buzzing in and buzzing out of West Asley ,then its probably best to stay there.You have got two great ideas already; Glass Onion and The Fat Hen. If those young fellows are adventourous, take them to The Fish Net for great fried seafood . Get ready to roll up your sleeves with the working folks.

          Hominy seems to be on its way to joining Jestine's and Hyman's as the choice of bus loads of retired folks from four states away.



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          1. re: mollybelle

            The Fish Net sounds pretty good, but I have to get those shrimp and grits. I'm going to show my husband the menus at Glass Onion and Fat Hen and let him choose. Thanks to everyone!

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              Except Hominy still does the entire local sourcing thing, including seafood. No better place in town to get fried triggerfish with a bunch of southern sides in a casual setting.

              And their buttermilk pie and chocolate pudding? That in itself is worth the drive from another state.

              1. re: mikeh

                That's true. I was there recently. The food was excellent (they have more cool sides than anybody) and patrons were a mix of med students, tourists and some stately locals. And the coolest thing is they've added cocktails made with Cheerwine and Sundrop.

                1. re: Sue in Mt P

                  I will let you all know what my husband decides and report back on our experience. Now I get to choose at the next stop! :0)

            2. Here's another vote for Glass Onion. First time we tried it, we went back the very next day, we loved the food so much. Last time we were in Charleston, it was so packed, we were too hungry to wait. Next visit won't be for Saturday lunch - we will go for early dinner instead when it's not so busy.

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              1. re: jmcarthur8

                Thank you! Since we are going for dinner, hopefully it won't be too, too crowded.