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Jun 11, 2012 03:30 PM

Need Palm Beach advice

We will be in Palm Beach for 3 days and are looking for a good food experience. We like restaurants that use fresh local ingredients used creatively. And, we don't want something we can get in New York, so I've crossed Cafe Boulud off my list. I'm not a meat eater so great fresh fish and anything that would give a flavor of Florida would be good.

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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  1. There's a great farm-to-table restaurant off of Donald Ross Road a little east of I-95 called Coolinary Cafe...not large, casual and modern, and not overly expensive. Had a dish with grouper cheeks a few weeks ago and it was fabulous! Not sure how far you're willing to venture, but I recommend it highly.

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      Coolinary is a good call as is Leftover's Cafe just up the road on Military from Coolinary. Both are worth the drives from the island but are also much more casual than Boulud would be.

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        I too ordered the "cheeks" big was so deep fried that the only thing I tasted was the grease.

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          Our grouper cheeks weren't fried...they were grilled or maybe sauteed, and served in a generous portion of quinoa. I had a problem with a fried entree there myself (the chicken) and had to send it back, but this was heavenly. Guess frying might not be their strong suit. :(

      2. I had a fantastic dinner at Buccan. I would also highly recommend driving a little south to Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana near the Ritz

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          Does Pizzeria Oceano have indoor seating? I have heard it is very small and maybe only outdoor tables?

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            Yes, they have a long bar/counter area with about 6 seats or so. I arrived around 5:15 on a week night and was the only person there. Must do

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              Also take note (from what I've read): they are Cash Only.

              Sounds like a soup-nazi type place. "You'll take what we offer and you will like it!"

              Althought this is purely anecdotal retelling - albiet from quite a few commenters on other sites.

              I am looking fwd to going. I don't mind soup nazi places one bit if the food is worth it.

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            1. NYperr... Did you check out any of these places when you were here 2 and 3 years ago?

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