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Jun 11, 2012 03:04 PM

Want non-bitter mustard!

I've been disappointed with the mustards we've tried lately--too bitter. Even a small container lasts a long time; I s'pose I should just throw it out, but my spouse will eat it. But then I end up going without because it's just nasty to my tastebuds.

Is it possible to make homemade mustard and eliminate whatever makes commercial varieties so bitter? Or are all mustard seeds inherently bitter?

PS: If you were gonna suggest a sweet variety, please don't. Sweet doesn't really mask bitter, in my book, and besides, we eat minimal to zero sugars/sweeteners.

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  1. What brand of mustard are you using? None of the stuff I use is bitter. The again, bitter to one is not always bitter to another.

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      "What brand of mustard are you using"
      you read my mind todao.

      My husband likes to buy Boars Head from the European deli down the street.
      He likes the deli style, a little hot&spicy and the Pepperhouse Gourmaise which is mayo combined with the deli mustard plus pink/green/white/black peppercorns. So good.

    2. Funny, I don't know that I have had any mustards that tasted "bitter" either. Perhaps bitter is not the best word to describe what you are tasting? I am no mustard expert, but agree that if you identify the brands it might help...


      1. I haven't really paid attention to the brand names. I'd probably recognize the bottles if I were at the store. I do recall that at least some of them are dijon or dijon-style...

        I'm rather sensitive to bitter flavors. For example, I can't stand the taste of beer. And the only coffee I'll drink is my homemade cold soak (and never straight, must have cream in it).

        I just ran across a thread about 'supertasters' and think I have that!

        I'm hoping someone knowledgeable about making prepared mustards will be able to explain how to make it myself and avoid/minimize the bitter flavors. (I've been finding some hints on the internet.)

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          I know you pretty much said no to sweeteners but I used to add a little honey to French's yellow mustard as a dipping sauce for chicken fingers and the kids liked it.

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            I use bright yellow hot dog mustard to rub down the entire outside of beef roast before roasting & after liberal sprinklings of salt and pepper first. So good and nice crust.

        2. What kind of mustard are you looking for? Good ol' yellow mustard? If you're looking for yellow mustard I am partial to Plochmans, I don't find it to be bitter. It's the mustard I grew up on.

          1. I agree with you the sugar (honey included) doesn't eliminate bitterness in foods. It does mask bitterness somewhat but it is not a solution to the problem you describe.
            A lot of mustard producers include Turmeric as an ingredient (primarily for color) and Turmeric can be somewhat bitter, especially to sensitive taste buds. Try reading labels and see if you can find a mustard in your area that doesn't contain Turmeric and see if that helps.
            Plochmans, French's and Guldens mustards contain Turmeric ....
            You could try this recipe and make your own:

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              Raley's Deli Style Mustard With Horseradish has no turmeric ....

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                YES. I have been trying to figure out why some mustards do ring a little "bitter" to me and I think you've hit it with the turmeric. Might not be the OP's problem but it's a reasonable hypothesis.