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Jun 11, 2012 02:48 PM

Carré Saint-Louis recommendations?

Have done some Googling and some searching of the Chowhound archives, but would like the most recent thoughts of everyone on the best recommendations around Carré Saint-Louis -- restos, bars, boulangeries, coffee, groceries, etc.

Any and all thoughts would be most welcome! Thanks!

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  1. La Flammée is 30 seconds from Square Saint Louis and makes a delicious flammekueche. Mamie Clafoutis is 45 seconds from Square Saint Louis and arguably makes the best croissant in town. If you're up late, after 2 AM, a visit to Lafleur's is de rigeur, and if you'd prefer something a little bit more upscale the ITHQ's restaurant is very good as well.

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      Across the street is Fabrique. I won't say its great, but I do like their brunch and the space itself. There's also Cafe Cherrier at the corner - nice terrasse (though very hot when its sunny), so-so brasserie-style classic dishes, and terrible service.
      A block up Laval St. from Carré St. Louis is Laloux - one of the best bistros in town.
      Le P'tit Bar is also across from the square. Perhaps that quaintest bar in the city, although very Quebecois if French is not your forté.

    2. Good places not too far (walking distances on nice streets)

      Laloux, Cocagne, 3 petits bouchons (maybe the farthest up St-Denis st), Au Pied de Cochon, the series of terrasses on St-Denis (ok food, nice for afternoon beer and nibbles), "La Porte", Pinxto, Icehouse, Les Givrés (ice-cream), Tasso Bar a Mezze , Romados (grilled chicken), Schwartz, ...

      Boulangeries : Le Co'pains d'abords, Kouign-Amann, ... maybe the small "Pain Doré" on st-laurent, ...
      Coffee : Neve (rachel st.)
      Groceries : 4 frêres (st-laurent blvd), the series of butcher shop on St-Laurent (slovenia, Fairmount, Hongroise), La Vieille Europe, ...


      1. Mamie Clafoutis is the best thing about that little area.
        Laloux is best restaurant nearby with Pintxo close second.
        L'Express is walking distance as well, as is Chu Chai.
        There is a nice fruiterie-- Fruiterie du Plateau-- on Roy and Berri.
        I wouldn't recommend Cafe Cherrier for food-- I went a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty awful.

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        1. re: picklebird

          Do you know if Chu Chai has reopened? I have a couple of friends eagerly awaiting its return!

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            Three guys were working on it over the weekend. It still looked like a construction zone as far as I could see.

        2. La Petite Cuillère is a nice cafe across St-Denis on the east side of the park.

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            I think that La Petite Cuillère is closing? Say it isn't so, I love that place.

          2. The original comment has been removed