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Jun 11, 2012 02:33 PM

fish for a BBQ?

I am inspired by a slider I enjoyed this past weekend - Ahi Tuna with bacon, avocado and wasabi sauce on a bun. I am wondering what type of fish I might attempt to duplicate this with? I am making a traditional hamburgs,hotdogs and chicken kabobs but might switch out to fish if I can figure out what to do. I should also add that I am not a Tuna eater so I was very taken in with how yummy it was - but of course, bacon and avocado in the mix does wonders for anything! What type of fish, how to cook it on the grill, can it be prepared earlier in the day? Feeding about 28/30 peeps.

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  1. I bet shrimp or salmon would be good. What are your favorites?

    1. I bet it would work well using crab cakes; you could premake the cakes and refrigerate them so they firm up. Probably best to pan fry rather than grilling them though.

      1. I'd select either halibut, salmon, sword fish, Ahi tuna and shrimp as the ones that will hold up best when grilling. You could use Tilapia or trout but they're difficult to handle on a grill as they are generally thin fillets and difficult to hold together. For grilling (BBQ) fish filets need to be at least 1/4 inch thick; 1/2 inch if you can get it.
        I don't personally care for fish that has been "held" or re-heated and, in a sandwich, cold fish is a no-no IMO. So you'll want to grill it fresh. I suppose you could grill it early to "almost done" and put it back on the grill to finish it later in the day - but I wouldn't.