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Jun 11, 2012 02:10 PM

Best Turkey Club in Buffalo, NY

Recently, my hunger for Turkey Clubs has gone through the roof. Its almost becoming an obsession. Im looking for the best Turkey Club Sandwich in Buffalo. While these sandwiches made with plain tasting deli sliced roast beef and rubbery bacon are ok, they are only temporarily satisfying my craving. Im looking for the real deal. Moist, flavorful, real, turkey breast piled high on a 3 layer sandwich with many strips of thick cut, crispy, bacon, all smothered in a tangy mayo. If you know where I can find such a thing, (besides making my own), Im all ears.


PS. Ive been told that Sambos on Hwy 3 in Port Colborne has exactly what Im looking for. I just havnt gotten across the border yet. Ive got a vacation planned for July though so its on my radar.

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  1. For sliced meat sandwiches, whether turkey or roast beef, Charlie the Butcher's is recommended. There are several locations, including 1065 Wehrle Drive in Cheektowaga (near the airport).

    Schwabl's in West Seneca is also renowned for their sliced meat sandwiches. That's at 789 Center Road. They do everything the old-fashioned way; it's like entering a time-warp.

    The third option, though I haven't tried it myself, I've heard good things about, is Eckl's, in the suburb of Orchard Park (4936 Ellicott Road). Also known for making sliced meat sandwiches the old-fashioned way. However, unlike the first two they are only open for dinner (4:30-11), and hence geared more toward hot entrees.

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      I checked bot Charlie's and Schwabls menu. While both of them offer a hand carved turkey sandwich, which sounds delicious, neither of them offer a turkey club sandwich.