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Jun 11, 2012 01:40 PM

Whole roast cooked suckling pig in Boston area

Hello, all--
I live in Arlington and am looking to buy a whole suckling pig already COOKED for a party I am having. I do not need side dishes or anyone serving it up, just 2 pigs about 20# each. Any thoughts?

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  1. I'd check out Chinatown. A group of us had a whole pig at Hong Kong Eatery some years back. Vinh Sun or any of the bbq meat places should be able to take care of you. Obviously give them a few days notice.

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      Thank you-- it looks like that's a good option. I thought I might be missing something slightly easier to get to from where I am, but I can certainly do this. Thanks!

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        If you make a trip to Chinatown, you can probably find a suckling pig hanging, but if you want to be certain so as not to disappoint your guests ordering in advance is suggested. Also most are smaller, whereas I would call 20lb a roasting pig. The Brazilian options I mentioned would order the pig and they are distributed frozen, so need 24 hours at least for defrosting and if you try it at the last minute you won't be lucky.

        There are also a number of restaurants which offer it on a weekly basis -- Citizen Public House, Posto in Somerville. You can find threads on this, but I don't know about catering prices... certainly pricier. BBQ houses I can't advise you on, but worth calling around if that is what you want (Blue Ribbon, M&M, East Coast Grill, Redbones, Larry J's, Blackstrap, Firebox) -- you may not have many to pick between so try their BBQ before committing.

    2. You could order them from Qic-Pic or Hong Kong in Chinatown.

      If you want a Brazilian option, I know that Midwest Grill in Cambridge has done it on a catering basis (in the case customer provided pig) and I was led to believe it was over charcoal but that is a question to ask. You would also want to ask about seasoning and try to talk directly to the owner on-site (Gilmar, who has another partner). Acougue Brasil (Brazilian Butcher) on Middlesex Ave in Medford offer cooked pigs as an option -- you should talk to the owner/manager to make communication easier. CIA and Company in Everett also did this in the past (baked in a pizza oven, I believe) -- this is the former owners of Bahia Grill in Somerville, but I don't know if they still do and how well they speak English.

      1. Great Barbeque, at 15 Hudson St Chinatown will roast a whole pig for you.

        1. If you're going to Chinatown, you may want to clarify if you really want a roast suckling pig or a roast pig. Suckling pig of course is much smaller, and also more expensive, as it's tender meat and crispy skin is a delicacy. You will not typically find these hanging in the Chinese BBQ restaurant windows. These are usually reserved for special occasions.

          A roast pig on the other hand, will still be pricey, but you get much more meat with it. I assume you also have a couple of folks who will help you get 40lbs of roast pig back to Arlington.

          1. Citizen Pub does a roast pig dinner - not sure if it's available for take-out.