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Jun 11, 2012 01:04 PM

Third time's a charm? [Guilty Pleasures]

Any filled donuts from Graul's Market in Hereford (they're as big as your head!)
Royal Farm Stores Ham, Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich (fresh, not one off the rack)
Royal Farm Stores Western Fries
Hot dog from Mike's Hot Dogs in front of the Home Depot on Perring Parkway

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  1. Wow seriously we put local spots on there WTH? 3am jumbo slice from Pizza Mart -Adams Morgan (last time I checked it was still in DC)

    1. I am seriously confused by this post. 3rd times a charm for what?

      1. What's going on? The previous threads have been taken off. I dont' understand and the CH Team hasn't offered a viable excuse. My initial posting was geared for Baltimore/DC--food and restaurants. I mentioned Rheb's and Berger Cookies. Not all Chowhounders eat exclusively at local restaurants. We all have our favorite products and dining out spots--some that we are actually embarrassed to admit that we enjoy. Also, very few grocery store productos are exclusive to any given area.

        I had even come back to report that I love the fried green beans at Loafer's Grill-an EXCLUSIVE BALTIMORE RESTAURANT. I love Rehb's chocolates and Berger's cookies. Many peope aren't as enthused and believe that the chocolates don't compare to the expensive "fancy/schmancy" chocolates that are commercially available (don't want to mention any names).

        I absolutely love the double fried (at least I guess they are double fried) french fries at the Olive Grove Restaurant--I'm actually almost embarrassed to admit that I really love that restaurant. Their chicken Imperial and chicken dish with capers, lemon, artichokes and mushrooms is one of the best dishes in any local restaurant.

        Eddie's-local store--has a great dish--Southwest corn salad. So simple and delicious. They also have a great cheese selection.

        What about POLLACK JOHNNY'S--gut busting, heartburn sausages--but they are so good.

        Bagels from Mars Grocery Store (not New York quality), but they have aversion that is chewy and is topped with various seeds and onion The only bagel that I will eat as I am not a fan of bagels.

        Soft shell crabs at Gianni's/angry Mallet Restaurant. Huge specimens-to me- perfectly fried. Probably not what is usually expected. They are really good.

        Fried oystsers at Pappas Restaurant on Ritchie Highway. Plum and flavorable.

        Okay--get my point? These are all of my "embarrassing/guilty" pleasures that are all LOCAL and most likely do NOT MEASURE UP TO GOURMET DINING OUT. It's easy to select up-scale dining out, exquisitely prepared food. We all can provide our opinions and observations with regards to that particular genre. That is a predominant feature of this board.

        And one more the cupcakes from Arts and Cakes in Arbutus. They are scrumptious and pretty. Probably not up to the level of the high end cakes and cupcakes bakers that are featured on the Food Network Channel.

        Oh--one more favorite--Grauls' crostini. Crunchy little bites of scrumptious toast. Add your own toppings. FoiGras

        1. Anita's breakfast burritos

          Fried pickles at the Bungalow (Chantilly)