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Jun 11, 2012 11:41 AM

Anything near Metro Rail route?

Hi folks!

I am coming to Houston for the first time early August. I will be in town for a conference at Reliant Center -- staying at the Crowne Plaza near Reliant Park. I won't have a car. I've been told the area is a culinary wasteland. Can you recommend any places I can easily get to via the Metro? I like pretty much all types of food and planning my dining for business trips is something I always look forward to. I will be on an expense report which limits me to $60 a day for food, but I put it pretty much all towards dinner. Is there anything near the convention center worth going to?

Thanks for your assistance!

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  1. One place that comes to mind is Bombay Pizza. I've also heard good things about Samba Grille, although never been (a slight hike from the metro line, but not too bad).

    Also, check out this link: -- it's a map to the downtown part of the metro. If you click on restaurants, it shows you everything within walking distance.

    1. That's a good map posted by mjust; never seen that one before. Here's another resource, as sorted by a local resto user review site:

      That'll give you the stops on the rail line. 77002 is downtown, Midtown, just south of the map, is 005/6, 77030 is the Med Center area, between Midtown and Reliant. There's been a recent thread on eats near the Med Center - not much there and many downtown places are only open for lunch. You're looking mainly for evening possibilities?

      Clarification: around here 'convention center' refers to the George R Brown, on the east side of downtown; I gather you're at Reliant, which is considerably south of town on Loop 610 South. There's a few casual places around there you could walk to that are decent to good; you might be able to spend a good portion of your budget on Pappasito's or Pappadeaux, across 610 from Reliant. They're units of a big local family operation, better than average for chains. Mostly around reliant its fast food and chains. Worthy of consideration, Frenchy's Fried Chicken, our local chain, spicy Creole style, better than Popeye's, in the parking lot of a big FIesta grocery store on Kirby, across from Reliant on the west side. Also, Capt. Benny's Oyster Bar, where S. Main and OST/90A intersect, good for casual seafood, open till Midnight, and Mo's Knockout Grill, on Kirby, just north of OST, Middle Eastern/Syrian sandwich shop, great falafel, good gyros. If you're a boxing fan that would be a good one; Mo was a professional boxer and his memorabilia, including title belt, covers the walls.

      1. Thanks for the info! Please keep any other ideas coming. Does anyone know what neighborhood the Reliant Center is in?


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          It's in the Reliant-Astrodome area about 3-4 miles south of the Medical Center. The Metro Rail is about 3/4 of a mile to the east of your hotel. I'd probably catch a quick cab to the metro if you want to go toward downtown, due to the heat and humidity, even in the evening. Brucesw covers every dining option in the area I can think of, and check out mjust's downtown link. Here's a map of your hotel area.

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            On that b-4 site you can enter the zip codes 77054 and 77025 for that part of town. That's going to cover a very large area but is better than selecting 'South Houston' for the part of town. Man, that area really is a wasteland for hounds. Only other thing I see there would be Hank's Ice Cream on S. Main, best ice cream in the city. Butter Pecan is their most popular flavor.

            James is right about the heat and humidity; August can be brutal here.

            Sorry I don't have any experience to speak of with downtown eateries but you've asked far enough in advance that some other Hounds will surely weigh in.

          2. Tafia, Breakfast Klub come to mind. Nga's, Mai's, Cali Sandwich for Vietnamese. Piola for the carbanarra Pizza. Ibiza would be a short walk for one of the stops and so would Reef. I think you have a lot of options.

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              I didn't realize that there was a stop in that area, but now that I'm looking, you could also walk to Feast from there. Or Jeannine's Bistro, if you like mussels and Belgian beer.

            2. Just saw this posted on the Houston Press site this morning ... it covers some of the restaurants mentioned above and many others. Just wanted to pass it along as another resource:

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                That's a good list and very timely, too. I wonder if Shillcutt has been reading CH.

                29-95 has a list, too. No where near as complete but worth posting. I usually think their lists are kind of lame but this one's not bad.