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Jun 11, 2012 11:26 AM

Metro Fresh market opening soon in Fleetwood

The Key Food space will soon be a Metro Fresh supermarket. I talked to one of the owners (Ritchie?) this week-end and he said it would be open June 20. I hope it finds an audience and carries some interesting items. Nothing will stop my weekly Fairway excursions but I like having a supermarket in walking distance from my apartment.

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  1. Stuck my head through the door which was cracked open during construction. Looks nice in there. Of course, that is what I said about Key Food (but I am one of the few people who liked it there).

    1. The Grand Opening was pretty well attended. Produce looked fresh, meat aisle had some interesting choices (goat, cow's feet, rolls of raw pork skin) but no fresh seafood. Not as many Portuguese specialties as Key Food had, but plenty of packaged goods from South of the border. There were some first day jitters at the registers but the staff was visible on the floor and seemed eager to please. I'll probably fill out a request form for organic milk and eggs in smaller sizes (quart and half dozen) since I can't use up the larger sizes before they go bad. Overall, I'm pleased to welcome Metro Fresh to the neighborhood and hope they stick around awhile.

      1. I went in for the first time a few days ago and was disappointed with the freshness of the strawberries and grapes that I took home. IMO, one reason the Key Foods failed was because of the quality of produce and meats which always seemed to be on the verge of going bad. With that terrific produce market around the corner (behind CVS) there is no way any operator will survive in the former Key Foods space unless they offer the same quality produce at prices competitive with that produce market which I could never remember the name but do remember that even on a mid-week afternoon is crowded with customers.

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          You're talking about the Harvest Field Market which seems to get a little better every time I go there. I was especially pleased that they started carrying whole bean coffee. That said, I still can't do all of my weekly shopping there and every time I go for a specific item, it's sold out or over-ripe.

          I tend to agree with your analysis re:Key Food's failure. I'm hoping Metro Fresh works out the kinks and starts a healthy competition with Harvest Field. There is room for both markets if they play their cards right (and a little price war might actually attract new customers to both).

          Oh, and on my way home from the train station tonight I'll be shopping at the Ben-Nat since they are still the only market in the neighborhood to carry organic milk in the quart size. I'm kind of amazed they haven't been forced out of business, but I'm glad they are still there.

          1. re: Sloth

            Yes, Harvest Field Market! I am in there every couple of weeks and drive by often but have such a mental block about the name. I wholly agree about the competition and would love to see a larger scale supermarket actually succeed in Fleetwood.

            I was just in Ben Nat the other day and am glad to see them still hanging in. This new competition has to be hard on them. I had no idea they had quart sized organic milk.

            1. re: Sloth

              Where exactly is Harvest Field Market, and do they have parking?

              1. re: roxlet

                Harvest Field Market has two entrances. They are next to the Post Office on I think Fleetwood which is their main entrance, You can also enter from the CVS parking lot (and park there) through their rear entrance. Facing CVS parking lot entrance (to the store) go left and around side of CVS and you will find it. Kind of behind PO. They usually have some veggies and fruits outside. You will see it.

              2. re: Sloth

                I actually think Ben Nat has better produce overall. They are smaller and have less of a selection, but what they have always seems fresher (for the most part). They also carry Srracha sauce and are the only game in town for that. I may have seen it at Harvest, but they are inconsistent with that stuff.

                Metro fresh is overall OK for produce. However, they did have a batch of asparagus that was wilted and limp. Later on they finally got a better batch in. They also carry OKRA which is somewhat hard to find (though getting less so).

                Both Harvest AND Metro fresh need smaller packages of chicken. Ideally, I would only want two small sized breasts as I am not feeding an army.

                1. re: jcmods

                  Bummer. As of last weekend Ben Nat is gone. So now Metro Fresh better stay in business.

                  1. re: jcmods

                    Well Ben Nat was terrible and she took advantage after A and P closed before CVS opened and charged way too much for milk. People remember and like Harvest better for produce. They are nicer. And CVS has milk so cheap.

            2. After hearing that Metro Fresh would be open until the end of June, I went there today to find it closed. Granted, it's no Fairway and the produce was almost always terrible (as in waaaaaay past it's prime), but it was good to have a real supermarket in the neighborhood. Harvest is the only real place left but it is limited in many ways, not to mention packed with long lines all the time. Plus they run out of stuff.

              There are so many empty storefronts in Fleetwood that it seems like something that is not Asian Fusion or Italian could make a go of it (Vietnamese, Falafel & Mexican would be tops on my wish list. However, I think it must be that the rent's too damn high. I think landlords need to get real.

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              1. re: jcmods

                The owner of Spring Asian Cuisine told me a while back that his landlord made it impossible for him to remain there...

                1. re: gutreactions

                  We were so sad to walk by the other day and see they had closed. So now his landlord has an empty unrented storefront to go with some of the other ones in town. Good thinking. I guess no rent is better than realistic rent? Metro Fresh had going out of business signs for at least a month. Spring Asian was a surprise. My son is mourning the loss of their tuna tartare his favorite dish.

                  1. re: rolise

                    Me too, Rolise. Unfortunately I see empty storefronts all over Westchester, including nearby Bronxville. Never as many as now...

                  2. re: gutreactions

                    Wow, that is crazy! They were always busy too. I wonder if they are trying to change the zoning to allow chains to move in (either that or they are hoping for more banks). In NYC, the landlords don't care if a place stays vacant ten years as they are all hoping to find a tenant willing to pay $500 per square foot. They will never get anything like that in Fleetwood, but they can't be that hurting for money that they need to chase out a good place that adds to the nieghborhood.