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Jun 11, 2012 11:24 AM

San Franciscan moving to Lower Mission Hills!

Hi SD CHers!

I am moving to America's Finest City at the end of the month. I've lucked out on a fab place in lower Mission Hills. I was down there this weekend and checked out Brooklyn Girl, which I really enjoyed. Can y'all please share your favorites in my new neighborhood? I'm walking distance to India Street so if you have favorite dishes at places in the area, please let me know!


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  1. You will be a regular at Starlite Lounge.

    Remember, you heard it here first.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Please.

        *South* Mission Hills.

        Have enough trouble keeping our property values up here.

        ; )

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        1. re: Fake Name

          Wherever our beloved Nom de Fake hangs his hat, prices are known to go up exponentially!

          Welcome to America's Finest City..

          My fave's..
          Princess of Wales
          Pete's Meats
          Mona Lisa Deli
          Wine Vault
          Under Belly
          Brooklyn Girl

        2. *snif* I miss my old neighborhood. Anyway, congrats on the move. +1 on Starlite, Blue Water (some of the best seafood in town), and Wine Vault and Bistro. For beer, check out the Regal Beagle (the food is okay-ish), and the Aero Club. Lefty's Pizza isn't a bad substitute for Chicago-style pizza (though my significant other prefers Berkley Pizza), and Gelato Vero is pretty decent coffeehouse (though perhaps not "chow-worthy"). Saffron is a nice place to eat, though, it is a very Americanized version of Thai. And the chicken is addicting.

          For Mexican food, skip Lucha Libre, which stopped being the fun and clever neighborhood taco shop due to a visit by one Adam Richman (damn you Man v. Food!), and go around the corner to Dos Brasas Taco Shop over on San Diego Avenue. DO NOT, however, visit Dos Brasas every day for three months to order the special breakfast burrito, or else you will gain 30 lbs. You may be tempted, as my friend Eric was, but moderation is important. Oh, and while the food at El Indio is okay, it is a tortilla factory and their tortillas are second to none in this town.

          Shakespeare's Pub, drinking wise, is a bit more expensive than I'd like, but the food is pretty good. Go with English pub specialties, and you will be fine. Up the hill, Bronx Pizza is a pretty good version of a New York style pizzeria, complete with guys behind the counter who will make fun of you. Lastly, I have no idea what Rubicon Deli is like, but if its doing any business whatsoever, its doing a lot better than the last couple of restaurants in that location, so that's a plus.

          1. do not miss Venissimo Cheese Shop on Washington. Best cheeses in the city and all the free samples you want. I've vetoed Whole Foods' cheese since I've had Venissimo and could taste the differences between the same kind of cheese between the 2 stores.