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Jun 11, 2012 10:57 AM

Always consistent dishes in Houston

In reading Allison's top 100 list and some of her comments about consistency being why a few restaurants were not on the list, it got me to thinking about places and specific dishes that are always consistenly good.

Do you have specific items that you know is going to be up to your expectation every time you order?

Here's mine. What I'm suprised about is how short my list is but a lot of that is due to me always wanting to try something new on the menu. So a dish has to be spectacular for me to order it each time I vist a restaurant.

FuFu's Cafe Hot Spicy Chicken. We've had this more than 50 times over the last 6 years. The oly time it dissappointed was when we tried out the newer FuFu's Restaurant.

Vic & Anthony's crab cakes

Pappa's Bone in Ribye

Himalaya's Briyani

Branch Water Tavern's Sticky Toffee Pudding

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  1. Empire Turkish Grill's Doner Kebab, Feast's Pork Belly with mashed potatoes and red cabbage, Fung's Kitchen's Peking Duck, Churrasco's Puntas with Jalapena Sauce (that last one not totally consistent but a strong favorite), London Sizzler's Chicken Tikka Masala, Thai Cottage's Pad Thai with hard tofu and shrimp. The same fabulous count-on-it preparation everytime. When I find the perfect dish at a place, I am hard pressed to order a new item. It usually ends in disappointment.

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      Thanks, Lambowner. I've had other recommend Pad Thai that only disspointed me. I'm going to try Thai Cottage's this weekend. Empire Grill is very close to us, but I've only been there once. We'll go back to try the Kebab.

      Thanks for the recs.