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Jun 11, 2012 10:53 AM

Homemade Sriracha

I wanted to make homemade sriracha sauce. Any suggestions how to make it? I assume hot pepper, sugar, vinegar, salt, and what else?

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  1. You can ferment the peppers in brine for a few weeks. Once they are soured and tender, puree the peppers with vinegar, sugar and garlic (plenty of garlic is key to the flavor) and pass them through a sieve or food mill. You'll need to press the solids to get a good, thick consistency in the final sauce. You can adjust thickness by adding a small amount of xanthan gum.

    1. If you google it, you'll get lots of hits. Here's two, both from or adapted from Randy Clemen, author of "The Sriracha Cookbook"; they're slightly different from one another:

      1. I have these dehydrated whole red hot peppers- no clue what type they are, they don't label them by name in this country... any idea if I could make sriracha with them? How would I do it? Rehydrate them in the vinegar? In water?

        1. I make this from the recipe on Food52 and it is fantastic. The Fresno peppers are key, and I use palm sugar, as the recipe is written, because that is the only non-liquid sweetener I am allowed at work, but you can probably sub light brown cane or even white refined.

          1. Aldi's carries a very good hot sauce by Burman's. 17oz for $1. Buy some of that. Take some pressed garlic cloves and mix them up with a little vinegar. Let sit in refrigerator for 2 days then add to the Burman's and you will have your Sriracha.

            Burman's has a pure pepper taste which I prefer but add garlic and you will reach your goal. In fact it may be better than Sriracha because the garlic is fresher. Experiment with only part of the Burman's bottle. BTW Burman's is delicious on eggs for breakfast.
            Photo of Burman's, Sriracha and other hot sauces