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Jun 11, 2012 10:08 AM

Char Siu bao with regular bbqed pork?

I don't have the ingredients on hand for making char siu-

I do have barbeque sauce and am thinking of making the pork that way and using it for char siu (sort of) bao, adding in garlic scallion more bbq sauce and sugar-prob cornstarch to thicken

Kind of thinking this might be pretty good-what do you all think?


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  1. I'm thinking go for it. It sounds good as long as you change your expectations before you bite in.

    My kids would eat it. My mother would cringe in horror and scold me for not making char siu from scratch (or packets or char sui concentrated paste).

    I say, make do with what you have and what you can get.

    1. It sounds perfectly delicious.

      What I suggest is making backed char sui bao and fill with your bbq sauce pork and lots of sauteed onions. It would be very reminiscent of the baked buns I grew up eating in SF.

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        For some reason, your mention of onions made me think of steamed bread like you would use for Peking Duck. In really fancy traditional Chinese dinners, they had sui gee yuk (excuse my spelling!) which is pork belly in a sauce that is similar to American BBQ Sauce. They sometime served it with the steamed buns. So instead of Peking Duck, you would have a slice of thick pork belly (bacon essentially). The flavor would be similar to what is being discussed here.

      2. I say do it. Then again, I'm the guy who made pulled pork ice cream, so you might want to think twice about my endorsement.

        1. I know this is very late but thanks :) These came out great-will definitely make them again.

          I am making some bao today with char siu (boneless "ribs" from the take out) with garlic, scallions, soy and oyster sauce (and cornstarch)

          I actually "steam" these in the microwave, they don't look perfect but they are still good!

          ty again

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