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Jun 11, 2012 09:30 AM

Stone House, Warren

Anyone ever been, other than for an event? Any/all reviews are welcome. Thank you!

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  1. Been there twice, though it's been well over a year since the last time. Been too long, we both loved it. Their tuna tartare app is outstanding. Excellent quality meats--I've had their veal chop special and it was one of the best ever. Beautiful interior. If they are still maintaining the same standards, I highly recommend going there.

    1. Everytime I go...............

      I think this place is great, should come more often..!

      1. We went for dinner over the weekend for our anniversary. Beautiful evening. Had some cocktails outside before our dinner (there's a bar, some benches, tables, "tent cabanas", etc.). Had dinner on the porch which was very nice. We both had steak dinners, which were good ... no wow factor, but nothing to complain about either, except that they gave my husband the wrong vegetable, which they promptly corrected when advised. After that, service was a little spotty, but other than that, a nice meal with my sweetheart.