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Jun 11, 2012 09:18 AM

VENETIAN style seafood menu in NYC?

wondering if I can find a spot that has an authentic Venetian style menu in NYC
Would like to surprise a special someone for all he has done and means to me!

Not too worried about budget if the Venetian menu is there!

thanks CH's!

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  1. Le Zie in Chelsea, on 7th and 20th or 21st Street. It 's not all seafood but it is Venetian.

    1. Bacaro on Division St. has bigoli and other Venetian dishes, it's not only seafood though.

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        I second Bacaro. They have Sarde in saor, fired sardine and onion, which is my favorite Venetian dish. The menu there is very Venetian. This is the only restaurant I have found in NYC that seems to be Venetian. Even Antica Venezia, who uses the name Venezia, doesn't seem Venetian at all. Al di La doesn't either. By the way, the best lasagna I ever had, anywhere , was in Venice. The hand made pasta is amazing in Venice.

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Why is Al di La not Venetian?

          Just as Bacaro which serves non-Venetian dishes as well, most restaurants in Venice nowadays also serve dishes that are not strictly Venetian.

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            I eat at Al di La often and love the food. They have interesting dishes but I've never seen these in the Venice area or Venice proper, and the more known Venetian dishes they do not have. True though, there are foods in Venice that are not necessarily Venetian. Such as spaghetti and meatballs, or zuppa di peace, or at Le Met in Venice has all sorts of creative game dishes,etc

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              What is not Venetian about Baccala mantecato and the Seppia dishes at Al di La. Their menu might be in (mostly) English, but the dishes and prepartion are Venetian.

              Btw, don't know if you've seen/noticed, but even Bacaro has Pollo alla Milanese and Tagliata de manzo ... not exactly/obviously Venetian.

              Funny, when I was in Venice earlier this year, I noted how supposedly restaurants that claim to be very regional Venetian have many items that are not. My chef companion even noted that the cicchetti bacari would be the only ones today that may be classified as true Venetian establishments.

              1. re: RCC

                I agree with you on the mix of food from different regions in Venetian restaurants. Every place in Venice seems to have Bolognese sauce, for instance. Pizza is all over italy. As far as Al di La goes, as I said I like the place. The last memorable thing I ate there was ravioli in a sage butter sauce. I don't remember the sepia being prepared in its own ink, and that is very Venetian. I will re-evaluate their dishes and see if any of it reminds me of dishes I've had in Venice area. Again, the best dish I had in Venice was the lasagna , which is not Venetian. The sardine soar dish is very very Venetian, and comes to mind if you ask a Venetian,what is a traditional dish from Venice. Bacaro has that dish. The liver Veneziana served here in many restaurants in NYC seems to have a lot of vinegar, what i've had in Venice didn't have as much, if any at all.

          2. re: foodwhisperer

            Loved the sardines in Venice - I will go webside and see if they have some info on their website!

        2. Antica Venezia (West St. at W. 10th) claims to be Venetian - also not ALL seafood. The seafood dish my husband had there a few months ago was very good, but I have no idea as to its authenticity. Good luck!

          1. I know that it's illegal to post about a non-Manhattan restaurant in the the Manhattan Board, but check out the Outer Borough's board, specirfically the good Venetian restaurant of Al di La in Brooklyn. it's still in NYC.